Tritec HighEnd Spule

TRITEC Air Core Coil
now with transparent synthetic bobbin

Air core coils are the highest grade coils. Higher frequencies are travelling on the surface of a conductor. This is called skin effect. Stranded wire has a higher surface than solid wire. The skin effect is here less predominant. The coil has a polycarbonate bobbin. The Tritec air core coil features 7 concentric stranded wires. These wires are twisted; available in 3 wire diameters. In the table belowis: 1st line: 7x0,5 mm; 2nd line: 7x0,6 mm; 3rd line: 7x0,8 mm.

Tritec-wire, insolated

If you want to use the tritec (or hepta) wire for your applications we deliver it with transparent PVC insulation.

1 Meter 7x0,6 mm EUR 2,50 excl. VAT: € 2.10 / $ 2.54

Important: The coils are from Intertechnik; in the past we delivered our kits with these coils. Unfortunately we have delivery problems; we propose the following replacement:       Mundorf Heptalitze

Values below 1 mH

Product ID L/mH R/Ohm Price
I-1500225 0.27 0.13 - not available
I-1500176 0.33 0.18 - not available
I-1500294 1.80 0.27 EUR 90,30 excl. VAT: € 75.88 / $ 91.82
I-1500296 2.20 0.32 - not available
- not available
- not available

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