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ClarityCap has been manufacturing high quality audio grade capacitors for over 30 years and more and more people are appreciating the difference that a ClarityCap capacitor makes to sound quality.
ClarityCap PWA The PWA range of capacitors has long been established as a quality audio grade device.

Available at ratings of 160Vdc, 250Vdc, 400Vdc and 630Vdc, it offers audio engineers the maximum flexibility when considering components for their circuits.

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ClarityCap PX The PX range is fast growing into a favourite worldwide budget capacitor.

It is currently specified by some of the best known brands throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. It's unsurpassed performance to price ratio make it a very attractive proposition.

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ClarityCap SA The SA range of capacitors is widely recognized as a sensibly priced premium audio grade capacitor. Time and time again users are astounded by the performance to price.

The capacitor was developed in conjunction with a well known and highly respected manufacturer of loudspeakers and has since become the product of choice for many manufacturers around the world.

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ClarityCap ESA The ESA range has been developed as a direct result of the 2 year research programme conducted between ClarityCap and the world renowned Acoustics Research Centre at the University of Salford.

The performance of the ESA capacitors has been dramatically enhanced by reducing resonant sonic outputs from the capacitor winding itself. This is achieved by careful selection of the highest quality polypropylene base film combined with thick pure aluminium metallisation and close control of critical production processes.

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ClarityCap MR The MR range has been developed as a direct result of the 2 year research programme conducted between ClarityCap and the world renowned Acoustics Research Centre at the University of Salford.

No stone was left unturned; the research encompassed all of the materials used in audio capacitors and any existing performance data together with analysis of manufacturing processes and techniques.

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ClarityCap DTAC The DTAC range is a high performance addition to our range.

It has been designed to produce the lowest possible resistance within the component, which we believe has a direct relationship to sonic performance.

The low ESR is particularly relevant in high quality crossover networks, ensuring that loudspeakers perform to their optimum.

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ClarityCap TC The TC range has been developed to give Valve Amplifier designs a new level of responsiveness. Manufactured from polypropylene film, precisely metallised with a unique pattern that greatly enhances self healing, these capacitors offer a dramatic performance improvement over electrolytic types.

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ClarityCap CSA

new May 2016: CSA and CMR with Copper Lattice

In 2016 new ranges of components have been developed to keep ClarityCap at the forefront of audio capacitor technology. Working closely with a well-respected German loudspeaker manufacturer ClarityCap has taken what they believe is a significant step forward in the design of audio grade capacitors. In all metallised film capacitor designs the process of making end connection to the metallisation of the film requires the deposition of an end spray which is typically zinc or a combination of zinc and tin zinc. The metal deposits are very granular and introduce a large number of boundaries that the signal needs to negotiate to exit from the component via the leads. This introduces distortion and phase shifts to the capacitor. ClarityCap's manufacturer is incorporating a copper lattice to the end connection across the surface area of the end face which will greatly improve the signal transition resulting in a component of superior performance.

May 2016 ClarityCap's manufacturer introduces the CSA, 250 and 400Vdc rated and the CMR, 400V and 630Vdc rated capacitors. The former is finished in a polyester tape wrap and the latter is enclosed in an acrylic tube. The design principles of the ESA and MR ranges, reduced microphonic control, and as previously mentioned the beneficial ESR performance of the DTAC range have been incorporated to offer one of the best engineered audio capacitor on the marketplace.

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