Crossovers and Accessories

In case you want to calculate the crossover yourself:
- 2 way crossover calculator
- Design of a 2 way crossover (quite frequently required for a subwoofer crossover)

The crossover can be built on wood. In this case every component needs to be attached using at least two holes. The components are mounted on one side and are connected by soldering on the other. If you don't like this we also stock:

empty PCB's

Finished crossovers

Please bear in mind that finished crossovers are always inferior to crossover kits since they don't consider the particular properties of the drivers and the cabinet.

Therefore, a reasonably priced kit with matching crossover components is always superior to Seas Exel and ScanSpeak drivers with standard crossovers. Nevertheless, we have some finished crossovers available (even more upon request).

2 way crossover XN230/8

Frequenzweiche XN 230/8 IT 2 way crossover for 8 Ohm drivers with 2000 Hz cut-off frequency, 12 dB/oct. and 150 Watt power handling. The crossover has 2 gold plated terminals each for connection to the amplifier, tweeter and woofer. There are two additional connectors for reducing the volume to the tweeter by 3 or 6 dB. Dimensions: 145 x 100 x 52 mm.

Order No. I-4066,     - not available (_)

3 way crossover XN360/8

IT 3 way crossover, like XN320 ... XN 330, however, for two woofers at 8 Ohm or one woofer at 4 Ohm. The crossover frequencies are 400 and 4500 Hz; dimensions: 175 x 120 x 68 mm.

Order No. I-4076,     - not available (_)

SUB 100

IT crossover to extend your loudspeaker by two subwoofers (or two woofers or a driver with two voice coils). An additional amplifier is not needed. Power handling is 120/180 Watt, impedance 4 Ohm, cut-off frequency 90 Hz, 12 dB/oct., dimensions 150 x 90 50 mm. This crossover is equipped with high quality coils.

16 gold plated terminals are available: Frequenzweiche Sub 100

  • left, centre: 2 x 2 terminals for connection to an amp/radio (left, right channel)
  • left, above/below: 2 terminals for connection of an subwoofer
  • right, above: 2 terminals *) as output to satellites, left channel
  • right, below: 2 terminals *) as output to satellites, right channel
  • *) Right above and below are two additional connectors each for reducing the output to the loudspeakers (coax/ satellites). The volume of these speakers can be reduced by 3 dB or 6 dB to ensure that subwoofer and satellites/coax speakers are equally loud.

Order No. I-4545,     - not available (_)