Audiomatica is a company active in the professional and consumer audio, acoustics and computer fields. Audiomatica's main activity is the design and manufacturing of electronic equipment.

Clio 12 with FW-02 USB interface

The CLIO SYSTEM depending on the hardware options that have been purchased, the CLIO system consists of the following components:

More information on the professional measuring system Clio 12.

Clio Pocket 2.0

CLIO Pocket is Audiomatica's new Electro-Acoustical Multi-Platform Personal measurement system. The system comes complete of the CLIO Pocket software (Windows and OSX native), the CLIO CP-01 Audio Interface hardware, and accessories. The CLIO CP-01 Audio Interface uses an USB 2.0 connection for maximum portability and compatibility with current and future computer hardware architectures. CLIO Pocket is a powerful, rugged and lightweight portable measurement system.

Inside the box you find:

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