Accessory for PA cabinets

Carrying Handles

Griffschale GSM 220 aus Stahl Recessed carrying handle GSM 220, black metal, plastic coated, size: 220 x 162 mm for a cut-out of 169 x 113 mm and 64 mm depth.

Order No. I-7602         Price per unit:   EUR 7,90

Griffschale GSK 136 aus Kunststoff Plastic recessed handle GSK 136, black, size: 136 x 76 mm

Order No. I-7604         Price per unit:   EUR 0,90

Corner Protectors  
Kunststoffecke, 2 mm stark

Plastic corner protector 81 x 56 x 56 mm (not pictured), may be stacked, with diagonal grooves. Suitable for all 8 corners.
Order No. st-200945     Price per unit:   EUR 0,35

Protection Grilles


(Protection grille with black bridges and rubber surround.)

Model: Diameter: Price
SSG-380 38.5 cm EUR 14,80
SSG-300 30.5 cm EUR 8,80
SSG-250 25.5 cm EUR 6,20
SSG-200 20.5 cm EUR 4,90
SSG-160 16.0 cm EUR 4,10
SSG-150 15 cm EUR 2,50
Front Foam


10 mm Front-foam to the Grilles above.

Model Dimensions Price per pair
MDM-3002 480 x 378 mm EUR 12,80
MDM-3522 775 x 417 mm EUR 22,50
MDM-4002 668 x 579 mm EUR 35,00
MDM-8602 611 x 480 mm EUR 19,80
Speaker Stand Socket  



Black speaker stand socket in heavy, rigid design, made of steel for 35 mm poles; size: 2.5 mm flange with 115 mm diameter, socket length approx. 84 mm.

Order No. I-7612         Price per unit:   - not available


Simmons Butterfly Latches

Model Fitting size
in mm
Dimensions in mm Price
MZF-8112 78x82x12 102x105x20 EUR 10,92

Simmons butterfly latches in various sizes. Butterfly latches are easy to operate and are extremely strong.

Other accessory

Upon request:
- steel gliders and locks,
- castors and locks for castors
- hinges and angled locking hinges