Grille frame fasteners

 Male / female fasteners made of ABS for attaching the grille to the cabinet.

Drill holes on grille (diameter x depth) 6-6.5 x 6 mm

Drill holes on baffle (diameter x depth) 10 x 17 mm

8 fasteners for a grille frame MBF-85 (Order No mo-124250) EUR 4,84


Speaker stand HF-145

Sturdy feet for loudspeakers up to 200 kg. Round shape made of rubber with metal core, 38 mm diameter and 20 mm height.

Price per unit (Order No mo-034320) EUR 1,46

Speaker stand HF-155

 Sturdy feet with grooved tread for heavy electronics or speakers. Round shape, made of black rubber, 38 mm diameter and 16 mm height. 6.2 mm centre hole for fitting.

Price per unit (Order No mo-034330) EUR 2,59

Magnetic shielding for drivers

      In case you want to place a loudspeaker close to a CRT, magnetically shielded drivers are mandatory. Reducing the impact of the magnetic field at a later stage is possible by employing compensation magnet or shielding caps.

Compensation magnets

The following compensation magnets should be attached to the rear of the driver causing the two magnets to draw apart (as long as they don't touch).

Type Diameter Inside Height Price
KOMA 84 84 mm 42 mm 15 mm (Order No I-6827) EUR 11,40
KOMA 121 121 mm 57 mm 24 mm (Order No I-6823) EUR 20,95
KM 140 140 mm 76 mm 20 mm (Order No V-1329) - not available

KM 80 particularly suitable for Visaton AL 130, AL 170, DSM 25 FFL, DTW 8.12 NG, G25 FFL

KM 140 particularly suitable for Visaton AL 200, AL GF 200, GF 250, TIW 250, TIW 360, TIW 400, W250S, W300S, WSP 21S

   Shielding caps made of steel

The shielding cap is simply put over the driver's magnet.

Type Diameter Inside Height Price
CAP 74 - 74 mm 35 mm (Order No I-6826) EUR 11,90
CAP 87 - 87 mm 36 mm (Order No I-6824) EUR 8,90
CAP 92 - 92 mm 45 mm (Order No I-6822) - not available (_)