German DIY speaker magazin

The magazine Klang + Ton publishes "high-end workshops" where top notch components by different manufacturers are mixed and matched.

You get the German DIY plans with our DIY kit. If you want them without kit you get them within a journal from "Klang+Ton", c/o A&O GmbH, Waldstr. 70, 63128 Dietzenbach or per internet from Klang + Ton.


    Klang+Ton 5/2018 (Aug./Sept. 2018)
DIY kit test: High End PA AMT is a bass-reflex loudspeaker with drivers of Mundorf and Wavecor.
DIY kit test: Omnes Audio Basic Line L is a bass-reflex cabinet loudspeaker with drivers of Omnes Audio and Tang Band.
DIY kit test: Tiber is a high-end centerspeaker for wall mounting.
K+T project: Orchestra TT8 is a passive bass-reflex subwoofer specially for the Orchestra Monitor 4.
Cheap Trick CT 299 is a guitar loudspeaker with four full range drivers.
Clio Pocket is available with distortion measurement.
Drivers test in journal K+T: Monacor SPH-174KE, Eton 7-212/C8/32 HEX, Duelund Coherent Audio 8'' Precision Audio Driver, Wavecor WF259PA01, Wavecor SW275BD02 and Omnes Audio Koax 12.

    Klang+Ton 4/2018 (June/July 2018)
highend project: K+T 4-9-9 is a three way floorstanding speaker. The kit is delivered with Beyma drivers.
DIY kit test: Omnes Audio Flat 8 is a floorstanding loudspeaker with a Tang Band full range driver.
DIY kit test: Rhône is a bass-reflex cabinet loudspeaker with drivers of Wavecor.
K+T project: Orchestra Monitor 4 is a two way compact speaker.
DIY kit test: Belaja is a closed-cabinet loudspeaker with drivers of Audaphon and Accuton-Thiel.
Cheap Trick CT 298 is a bass-reflex cabinet loudspeaker with drivers of Dayton and Gradient.
Drivers test in journal K+T: Monacor DT-352NF, Eton 3-212/C8/25 HEX, Eton 4-212/C8/25 HEX, Davis 13 MP5GR, Davis 20 MP8GR and Omnes Audio MW 5.0 Alu,

    Klang+Ton 3/2018 (April/May 2018)
DIY kit test: Mundorf MA30: Mundorf 30th anniversary kit with Mundorf air motion transformer and Accuton woofer.
K+T project: Hobo is a closed-cabinet loudspeaker with Celestion 1-inch driver, Stereo Lab horn and two HiFi woofers of Monacor.
DIY kit test: Matar is a two way floorstanding speaker. It is a bass-reflex cabinet loudspeaker with drivers of Wavecor .
DIY kit test: Omnes Audio Luna Long is a two way floorstanding speaker with AMT and a woofer with metal cone.
DIY kit test: FTX1225 Monitor is a two way PA monitor with hifi sound. It contains a Celestion coaxial driver. Ist efficiency is 96 dB (2,83V/1m).
DIY kit test: Keramiks 2
Cheap Trick CT 297 is a two-way wall-mounted loudspeaker that radiates all around and contains a downward-radiating woofer.
Drivers test in journal K+Tr: Gradient CR-080, Gradient CR-100, Gradient CR-120, Eton 5-212/C8/25Hex, Bliesma T-34, Tang Band 25-2234s,

    Klang+Ton 2/2018 (Febr./March 2018)
K+T project: FAST'n Loud is a two way floorstanding speaker with Visaton fullrange driver and woofer.
DIY kit test: Rauma is a two way floorstanding speaker with Seas Excel bass drivers and Audaphon air motion transformer.
DIY kit test: Omnes Audio Power Sat BB 8.01 is a compact loudspeaker with a full range driver.
K+T project: Monolith is a three way floorstanding speaker.
DIY kit test: Duhr is a two way compact speaker of high quality.
        journal K+T: "one of the best full range compact loudspeaker we know."
DIY kit test: Omnes Audio Omnes Audio Typus AMT is a three way floorstanding speaker.
Cheap Trick CT 296 is a two way compact speaker.
Drivers test in journal K+T: Mundorf AMT19CM1.1, Mundorf AMT 164UM2.3, Visaton B100, Scan Speak D3404/552000, Visaton WF 130 ND, Omnes Audio BB3.AL, Scan Speak Ellipticor 18WE/4542T00, Davis TW26G

    Klang+Ton 1/2018 (Dec./Jan. 2018)
Cheap Trick CT 295 is a very small 3-way compact speaker with Visaton loudspeakers.
DIY kit test: Elias X2 is a floorstanding speaker that is suitable as a wall speaker due to its shallow depth. A very high quality, powerful loudspeaker that doesn't add anything to the sound but leaves nothing out.
DIY kit test: Rana is a very high quality floorstanding speaker that doesn't add anything to the sound but leaves nothing out.
DIY kit test: Omnes Audio PowerDuo is an open cabinet speaker that includes a full range driver and a 15-inch woofer.
highend project: Todo is a highend floorstanding speaker with high precision and sealed bass system.
Readers project: sLAB12: We are happy to supply the components for Oliver Martin's reader project.
DIY kit test: Omnes Audio Sidekick M and Sidekick L a compact loudspeakers with Omnes Audio fullrange driver and Band Bass.
Readers project: NeXT-Monitor is built by Alexander Wein and was the winner of the IGDH contest (see www.igdh.eu).
Drivers test in journal K+T: Viawave GRT145, Beyma TPL 75, Sonido SWR 096/A
Report European Triode Festival 2017 in Osten (Denmark)

    Klang+Ton 6/2017 (Oct./Nov. 2017)
highend project: Todo is a highend floorstanding speaker with high precision and sealed bass system.
DIY kit test: Driva is a highend bookshelf loudspeaker with Seas Excel coaxial driver and a Morel bass driver. Driva offers excellent omnidirectional radiation characteristics.
DIY kit test: Elde is a floorstanding loudspeaker with compact dimensions and remarkable bass fundament.
Cheap Trick CT 294 is a slim floorstanding speaker with Visaton drivers at a reasonable price.
Drivers test in journal K+T: Visaton FRS 7, Visaton SC 5, SB Acoustics SB12 PFC-25-4 Coax, SB Acoustics SB13 PFC-25-4 Coax, , SB Acoustics SB16 PFC-25-4 Coax

    Klang+Ton 5/2017 (Aug./Sept. 2017)
K+T project: Sonnenschein is a fullrange loudspeaker
DIY kit test: Omikron aktiv is an active floorstanding loudspeaker with analog crossover and power amplifiers.
Omikron is also available as passive version with passive crossover.
DIY kit test: Luna AMT is a small compact loudspeaker wit air motion transformer.
High-End project: Naos is a floorstanding loudspeaker with drivers of high quality.
Readers project: Olution is a big floorstanding loudspeaker developed by Florian Englerth und Bernd Bieg.
Cheap Trick CT 293 is a bass extension to CT 292.
Drivers test in journal K+T: SB Acoustics SB16PFC25-04, SB Acoustics SB16PFC25-08, SB Acoustics SB20PFC30-04, SB Acoustics SB20PFC30-08, Eminence Beta 10 CX mit Stereolab Horn.
advertisement a compact Mundorf loudspeaker to the 30-years anniversary of Mundorf

    Klang+Ton 4/2017 (June/July 2017)
DIY kit test: Zaurak is a high end floorstanding loudspeaker with Wavecor drivers. This speaker produces a well balanced sound with low distortion.
K+T project: Movi is a high efficiency loudspeaker with PA coaxial driver and two hifi bass drivers.
DIY kit test: Subwoofer Scoop 18 shows 100 dB SPL (2.83V, 1m). It is a high efficiency back-loaded horn.
DIY kit test: Akerselva aktiv provides a Seas Excel coaxial driver, four Wavecor woofers and DSP amplifier with 2x 250W RMS.
Cheap Trick CT 292 is a two way compact loudspeaker with SB-Acoustics drivers to an affordable price.
DIY kit test: Omnes Audio Emotion 2017 with air motion transformer and Tang Band woofer.
Drivers test in journal K+T: SB Acoustics SB19ST-C000-4, SB Acoustics SB12PFC25-4, SB Acoustics SB13PFC25-8, Seas C18EN002, Celestion FTX0820Dayton AMT Mini 8, Eton 26HD3, Eton 28HD1, Gradient AT1R and Tang Band 25-2234s.

    Klang+Ton 3/2017 (April/May 2017)
Cheap Trick, special: CT 230 Spezial is a remake of CT 230.
DIY kit test: Akerselva is a high end floorstanding loudspeaker with Seas Excel coaxial driver and four Wavecor woofers.
DIY kit test: Omnes Audio Empor 2016 is a cheap floorstanding speaker with good sound quality.
DIY kit test: Omnes Audio Shorty 2016 is a cheap compact speaker with good sound quality.
K+T project: Ariosa is a small monitor with Seas woofer and Gradient AMT (air-motion-transformer).
DIY kit test: Cinco is floorstander with Celestion coaxial driver and four Celestion woofers.
Cheap Trick CT 291 is a cheap and tall floorstanding loudspeaker with Mivoc drivers.

    Klang+Ton 2/2017 (Febr./March 2017)
K+T project Double Four with two four inch loudspeakers: A Tang Band full range and a Tang Band woofer.
DIY kit test: Orwell MK2 is a high power HiFi floorstander with professional Celestion chassis.
DIY kit test: Eira, a compact high-end speaker with two Seas Excel woofers and an air motion transformer of high quality.
Cheap Trick CT 290 is a big floorstanding loudspeaker.
DIY kit test: Needle DeLuxe Silver (without plans)
Drivers test in journal K+T: Eton 4-612/C8/25 RP, Eton 5-612/C8/25 RP, Eton 7-612/C8/32 RP, Eton 8-612/C8/32 RP, Eton 11-612/C8/50 RP, Fostex FW108HS, Visaton BG20, Visaton PAW 38

    Klang+Ton 1/2017 (Dec./Jan. 2017)
DIY kit test: Tigris, a high end floorstanding loudspeaker with Accuton woofers and Audaphon air motion transformer.
K+T project Ti Monitor, a three way loudspeaker with Visaton domes and woofer.
DIY kit test: Hotan, a professional speaker 99 dB (2,83V, 1m) good for HiFi
K+T project Omnes Delta-Horn, a back loaded horn with Omnes driver
Cheap Trick CT 289 is a low cost fullrange system with integrated subwoofer
Readers project Focal Mini-Onken / AMT with Focal 10C01 driver, has been produced some decades ago.
Drivers test in journal K+T: Morel TSCM 634, Morel CAW 638, Morel CAW 538, Omnes AMT OEM, Omnes Audio LoCo 6.1
Magazine: Anaview: class D amplifier modules of high quality Audaphon: plate amplifiers

    Klang+Ton 6/2016 (Oct./Nov. 2016)
DIY kit test: Adhara is a small very linear highend floorstanding speaker with AMT and Wavecor woofer
DIY kit test: New Needle is a transmissionline floorstanding loudspeaker with Omnes Audio full range loudspeaker
DIY kit test: Mintake is a slim highend FAST (Fullrange and Subwoofer Technologie) speaker.
Readers project: ViMo is a small monitor with Visaton drivers.
Cheap Trick CT 288 consists of Seas tweeter, Fountek woofer and a passiv radiator made of a Mission loudspeaker.
Drivers test in journal K+T: Mivoc AWX Mk II, Omnes Audio W8 Alu, Omnes Audio BB 8.01, Visaton PAW 30 ND, Visaton PAW 25, Seas MR18REX/XF, Monacor RBT 56

    Klang+Ton 5/2016 (Aug./Sept. 2016)
highend project: K+T CorDial is a monitor with Wavecor drivers.
DIY kit test: BPA Exklusiv 3/8 Kompakt is a big monitor with Omnes-Audio loudspeakers.
DIY kit test: Avior is a floorstander with big magnetostat sourrounded by two highend Wavecor mids-woofer.
readers project: Noun is a loudspeaker with two Sica drivers
Klang+Ton project: Stage 12 with professional Monacor coaxial loudspeaker
Cheap Trick CT 287 is a floorstander with Sica coaxial driver for cars.
Drivers test in journal K+T: Monacor AIRMT-85 und AIRMT-130, Visaton PAW 46, Monacor SP-308CX, Visaton W130X

    Klang+Ton 4/2016 (June/July 2016)
DIY kit test: Orwell is a high power HiFi floorstander with professional Celestion chassis.
amplifier test: DSP plate amplifier Audaphon AMP-24, available in our shop
K+T project: Ephedra 2016 an improvement of high power HiFi floorstander Ephedra.
DIY kit test: Omnes Audio No. 5 Royal is a shelf speaker with highend fullrange Tang Band driver
DIY kit test: Scan Concert - ein Kompaktlautsprecher mit geringen nichtlinearen Verzerrungen
DIY kit test: Alya passiv is a highend floorstanding speaker with Audaphon tweeter and Wavecor mids-woofer
DIY kit test: Alya active is a highend floorstanding speaker with digital signal processor and power amplifier.
Cheap Trick CT 286 is a small loudspeaker for the desk.
Drivers test in journal K+T: Celestion CDX20-3075, Fostex FE-108 Sol, Omnes Audio BB3.5, Wavecor WF182CU13 and Audiopur W254.

    Klang+Ton 3/2016 (April/May 2016)
DIY kit test: Sirius is a top-quality floorstanding speaker with dipole tweeter (two air motion transformers; one on the front and one on the rear part), mids, woofer and two passive radiators.
DIY kit test: Mo-Line is a transmissionline loudspeaker with ribbon tweeter and woofer.
DIY kit test: Omnes Audio No.4 Royal a compact fullrange monitor with Tang Band loudspeaker.
Cheap Trick CT 285 three solutions with two Visaton full range loudspeakers.

    Klang+Ton 2/2016 (Feb./March 2016)
DIY kit test: Wavecor Cursa is an excellent two way shelf speaker with Wavecor chassis.
DIY kit test: Wega a 2 way bass reflex system in D'Appolito arrangement with tweeter Wavecor TW030WA12 and two mid-woofers Wavecor WF120 CU07.
Cheap Trick CT 284 is a dipole loudspeaker with Visaton drivers.
K+T project: Monacor Studio 10 with PA coaxial driver characterised by high dynamics.
readers project: Steffan Kluges soundbar with Monacor chassis

    Klang+Ton 1/2016 (Dec./Jan. 2016)
DIY kit test: Atlas, shelf speaker with Wavecor drivers. This speaker produces a well balanced sound with low distortion.
DIY kit test: Cube 8BB4, a compact cubic loudspeaker with Omnes Audio fullrange driver and Omnes Audio subwoofer in one cabinet.
DIY kit test: Twerc High quality floorstanding speaker with Wavecor chassis.
readers project: Menhir L Active floorstanding speaker with pa chassis and integrated amplifier with digital signal processor (DSP).
DIY kit test: Hadera high quality bookshelf speaker with Morel chassis.
Cheap Trick CT 283 is a small loudspeaker for your desk with Visaton drivers.

    Klang+Ton 6/2015 (Oct./Nov. 2015)
DIY kit test: Blue Start 5 TQWT is a floorstanding with Omnes Audio and LPG drivers.
DIY kit test: Fuerte is a 3-way floorstander wit air-motion-transformer, Wavecor mids and 27 cm Wavecor woofer.
K+T project: loudspeaker system DD (for dynamical duo) comes with bass loudspeaker and satellit.
DIY kit test: Lia MK2 is a monitor of high quality with ribbon tweeter and Wavecor woofer.
Cheap Trick CT 282 is a FAST system (Fullrange and subwoofer technology) with Mivoc fullrange speaker and Mivoc subwoofer.

    Klang+Ton 5/2015 (Aug./Sept. 2015)
DIY kit test: Floorstander Cherlen is equipped with Air Motion Transformer and Morel TSCM-woofer and 6 dB crossover
DIY kit test: Floorstander Cherlen is equipped with Air Motion Transformer and Morel TSCM-woofer and 12/18 dB crossover
K+T project: Horn CT256-655 comes with fullrange loudspeaker Tang Band W4-655 C.
K+T project: Ephedra is a high power floorstander with professional Monacor chassis.
DIY kit test: Compact Monitor 1i (or short m1i) comes with AMT and Titanium woofer
Cheap Trick: CT 280 is a shelf speaker for a very low price.
Cheap Trick: CT 281 is a floorstander with Visaton drivers.

    Klang+Ton 4/2015 (June/July 2015)
DIY kit test: floorstander Donau is equipped with premium components, designed to bring the highest level of sonic quality.
K+T project Pinpoint is floorstander with Visaton full range driver and four Visaton woofers.
DIY kit test: Floorstander Diva Simone is a floorstander with ribbon tweeter, mids-driver and two woofer.
DIY kit test: Shelf speaker Cuando is a high end loudspeaker with 1st order crossover
DIY kit test: two low cost subwoofers with Omnes Audio woofer

    Klang+Ton 3/2015 (April/May 2015)
high end project: Bijou MHT a shelf speaker with magnetostat and aluminium cone woofer.
DIY kit test: BPPR 3 is reasonably priced floorstander with Wavecor drivers, characterised by high dynamics and a high SPL.
DIY kit test: Loki 1797 is a small bookshelf speaker with Tang Band full range driver and two Tang Band woofers.
DIY kit test: Porto Sub subwoofer 601: two bass reflex subwoofer cabinets with one or two Tang Band woofers.
Drivers test: Morel TiCW 1058, Omnes SW6.01, Omnes W8-670Z, Wavecor WF120CU07, Wavecor WF152CU14
Cheap Trick CT 278 (Leitz) is a small shelf speaker with reasonably priced drivers.
Cheap Trick CT 279 (Maxi-Beep) is a small shelf speaker with full range driver HiWave BMR65-8.

    Klang+Ton 2/2015 (Febr./March 2015)
DIY kit test: Visaton Zyklop contains a Visaton fullrange loudspeaker B80. The bass is provided by Visaton woofer TIW 200 XS.
DIY kit test: BPA Competition is a floorstander with high efficiency.
DIY kit test: Maja floorstander with 30 mm Wavecor dome tweeter and two Wavecor woofers.
DIY kit replika JBL 4355: Rebuilt of JBL 4355 with used loudspeaker chassis.
Cheap Trick CT 277 is a small PC Speaker with special cabinet design.

    Klang+Ton 1/2015 (Dec./Jan. 2015) .. still in translation ..

    Klang+Ton 6/2014 (Oct./Nov. 2014)
DIY kit test: Tas: system with very flat frequency response. It consists of a top part (satellit) which should be combined with one or two subwoofer parts.
K+T project: Celeste contains a Celestion coaxial speaker. It has a high efficiency of 94 dB (2,83V, 1m).
DIY kit test: TriniTI is a tall transmissionline floorstander with Visaton drivers of high quality.
DIY kit test: Blue Planet Spirit Four Double

    Klang+Ton 5/2014 (Aug./Sept 2014)
K+T project: Albatros, a floorstander with Harwood air motion transformer and mid-woofer.
DIY kit test: LIA AMT, a shelf speaker of highest precision and quality.
DIY kit test: Oka is a wall speaker with Wavecor chassis
Cheap Trick CT 274 a 3-way universal loudspeaker with Visaton chassis
loudspeaker test: Tang Band W3-1401SD, Wavecor SW118WA01, Fostex FE103-Sol, Peerless DX20BF00-08

    Klang+Ton 4/2014 (June/July 2014)
high end project Radius a 3-way shelf speaker with Morel loudspekers and dome tweeter and mids.
DIY kit test: floorstander Angara 2 - a reference with Audaphon air mortion transformer and Wavecor woofers
readers project: Hans Georg is a shelf speaker with Monacor loudspeaker
TiStar 4 Ribbon is a floorstander with Omnes Audio ribbon tweeter and Tang Band fullrange loudspeaker.
Cheap Trick CT 273 build your coax driver on your own.
loudspeaker test: Jordan Eikona 2, Ciare CXPA 6, Tang Band W5-2106, Air Motion Technologies AMT 700.

    Klang+Ton 3/2014 (April/May 2014)
high end project Ophelia floorstander with Scan-Speak beryllium dome tweeter and two Scan-Speak woofers.
DIY kit test: Javari Monitor; 93 dB (2,83V, 1m)
or as floorstanding Javari XL floorstander with subwoofer amplifier module
or big passive Javari XXL floorstander with two 25 cm woofer.
K+T-project Cornetto, a horn with tang Band fullrange.
K+T-project Klein-Phi a small line array with two woofers.
Cheap Trick CT 272 is a small floorstander with Westra full range driver and Dynavox woofer.
loudspeaker test Harwood: AM 20, AM 25, AM 25.2.

    Klang+Ton 2/2014 (Febr./March 2014)
DIY kit test: Loire floorstander is a speaker with Wavecor chassis. Excellent for high-end hifi and for home cinema!
K+T project d'Accord ia a floorstander with Davis full range driver.
Konzeptstudie: Subwoofer W8Q PR with Tang Band woofer and Tang Band passive radiator.
K+T project Monitor CB is a monitor with Monacor drivers.
DIY kit test: Volta is a 3 way ported floorstander with tweeter Audiopur MAG17M and 18 cm Audaphon MB 18-8.
Cheap Trick CT 271 is a small floorstander with Visaton FR10 full range driver.

    Klang+Ton 1/2014 (Dec./Jan. 2014)
DIY kit test: Loire Top, closed 2 way shelf speaker with Wavecor chassis.
K+T project Vintage One is a new shelf speaker edition with familiar Seas drivers.
K+T project GT6 is a small shelf speaker with Monacor dome tweeter and Monacor woofer.
DIY kit test: Morel Elite 621 mk IV: Louis Timmers developed a speaker with Morel high quality loudspeaker chassis.
Cheap Trick CT 270 is a closed 2 way shelf speaker with Visaton chassis.
K+T project CARmen a floorstanding with Audio System speaker chassis
DIY kit test: BPA Closed Six is a shelf speaker with Tang Band loudspeaker chassis.

    Klang+Ton 6/2010 (Oct./Nov. 2010)
Needle CX is a TQWT (Tapered Quarter Wave Tube) with Mission CP-10X coax system.
Lina is a floorstanding speaker with Omnes Audio coax driver assisted by two woofers (not deliverable).
Unihorn stands for Universal Back Loaded Horn. It is designed with a Seas Exotic F8 driver.
Legno is a compact loudspeaker with Monacor full range driver, complemented by a woofer.
VIB 170 BP is a new flöoorstanding design by Visaton. Inside the cabinet is a powerful woofer.
CT 251 is a large but not particularly high floorstanding bass reflex loudspeaker.

    Klang+Ton 5/2010 (Aug./Sept. 2010)
CT 250 is 1.80 meter high floorstanding speaker comprising two Visaton BG 20 full range drivers and a Monacor horn
Aspera MK2 is a slim loudspeaker with outstanding sound qualities.
Fineline is a transmissionline with Wavecor WF 182 BD01 and TW030 WA07.
248 XXL Small shelf speaker with Seas and Seas Excel drivers and Subwoofer.

    Klang+Ton 2/2009 (Febr./March 2009):
Monacor Lightning is an impressive 2-way line array with magnetostats and full range drivers
Dazu als Subwoofer Wild Thing > is a subwoofer kit consisting of 4 bass drivers.
MPower is a floorstander with Mivoc PA drives
Darling a dipol with two Mission coax speakers and a Ripol cabinet.
BPA Typus 3 is a 3 way bass reflex floorstanding with Tang Band drivers.
Dayton 17 AL is a 2 way bass reflex floorstanding with Dayton DC28F-8 and DA175-8 woofer
CT 241 mini monitor with Visaton tweeter SC 10 N8 and W100S4 bass driver.

    Klang+Ton 1/2009 (Dec./Jan. 2009):
Monacor Cirrus, The Cirrus is a slim floorstanding loudspeaker with Monacor magnetostat RBT-95 and Monacor SPH-165 KEP bass driver with a Kevlar fibre cone
CT 240 is a CT 230 revised with an additional Visaton W 300 S4 for bass.
ASE/Vifa/Alcone Pascal CX, Pascal CX was designed around the Vifa ASE 17 CN 225/8-XT coax (discontinued)
Neo Line Neo Line is a small floorstanding with Thiel SCS-3N Mk II driver.
CT 240 (Snow White) with Mivoc drivers.

    Klang+Ton 6/2008 (Oct./Nov. 2008):
Purus a loudspeaker with pure sound quality and low distortion, providing listening fun independent of the music style.
Menhir: high dynamics was the main objective in designing this loudspeaker.
Quintet a big floorstanding with Visaton drivers.
Titan FAST One a Tang Band fullrange with bass support
Redondo a radiator with Seas coax driver and Seas bass.
CT239 is a monitor with high power handling, containing Mivoc KFT 130 M magnetostat and the 20 cm MPA WM8, a PA bass driver.

    Klang+Ton 5/2008 (Aug./Sept. 2008):
      ... so viele interessante Boxenbauvorschläge gab es fast noch nie:
FAST-Monitor mit Fostex Breitbänder und 18 cm Audaphon Tieftöner
Sixteen eine Standbox mit Mivoc-Magnetostat und 4 Mivoc-Minibässen
High-End-Projekt Phlex mit Expolinear Magnetostat RT-9 Pro und PHL E25-3020
DIY kit test Cognito / Incognito ein Satelliten-Subwoofer-System vom Monacor
DIY kit test Conga eine große Visaton Standbox mit Keramikkalotte, Alu-Mitteltöner und 25 cm Bass.
CT238 a small monitor with fabric tweeter Noferro 12 (19 TF) and Tang Band W4-656 bass driver.
K+T Dayton Bausatz, eine kleine Regalbox mit mit Dayton Chassis.

    Klang+Ton 4/2008 (June/July 2008):
The bifrost is a Seas kit comprising T29 CF002 tweeter and W18 NX001 bass driver.
The flat sub is a flat subwoofer that is easy to integrate in smaller rooms
Pipe SIX is a Tang Band kit comprising Tang Band 28-847S and Tang Band W6-623C bass driver.
3 Subwoofer from Visaton: T-20.39, T-25.50 and W-20.39
CT237 small shelf speaker with Tang Band fullrange W4-1320

    Klang+Ton 3/2008 (April/May 2008):
Nova 2 is a high end floorstanding with Cantare ribbon, two Alcone mids and 2 Alcone woofer.
Football speaker with Mivoc Chassis
Mimir is a new design by Seas comprising WA 180 bass driver and KT27/550 dome tweeter.
Sound 12, ein neuer preiswerter PA-Bausatz von Monacor
Visaton Bijou (French for gem) is an appropriate name for this speaker. It's a small shelf speaker with Visaton AL 130 and the ceramic dome KE 25 SC.
CT236 a transmission line speaker with Tang Band W6-1530 coax driver.

    Klang+Ton 2/2008 (Febr/March 2008):
Three subwoofer for line array Twentyfive
El Diablo is a project with glass fibre compound cabinet featured in Klang+Ton
One Point Monitor with Jim Thiel high quality coaxial driver.
Watt/Puppy System 8 by Wilson Audio was the inspiration for Watt/Puppy
CT235 with Eminence Coax Driver.

    Klang+Ton 1/2008 (December/January 2008):
CT234 - a three way speaker with Mission chassis
PHL Point P - PA solution with PHL speakers
V8 engine - fun with V8 engine

    Klang+Ton 6/2007 (Oktober/November 2007):
Hot Sprot, a system with woofer ans full range, Coax or 3 way system
3 high end monitors: Mini CG, Mini TS und Mini HB
CT233 Design Satelit/Subwoofer system with Mivoc chassis

    Klang+Ton 5/2007 (August/September 2007):
Newtronics Empress - a floorstanding with many excellent reviews over the last 10 years.
Schwarzweiß - a more than 2 metres tall, but extremely flat 3 way loudspeaker
CT232 a large bass reflex, floorstander with low bass extension. The components are similar to the CT 230
eine Gate 5.1
Info: Ground Sound with new amplifier kit Coolback 600

    Klang+Ton 4/2007 (June/July 2007):
Versacube fullrange - with Beyma 8 AG/N
Sprinter, big floorstanding with Fostex fullrange, tweeter and woofer
Partybox a 3 way fun speaker
CT231 a small shelf speaker with Dayton tweeter and Peerless woofer.
Specialist - 3 way shelf speaker with Monacor chassis.

    Klang+Ton 3/2007 (April/May 2007):
Advanced 3 - a floorstanding with Audaphon ribbon, Vifa mids and Alcone woofer
Obelisk - floorstanding with Ciare HW 161 N and Newtronics HT 26
Pharos - a two way ported speaker with Seas and Peerless
Versacube Coax - a system kit that is based on subwoofer cubes
CT 230 is bass reflex shelf speaker containing a modified Visaton BG 20 full range driver

    Klang+Ton 2/2007 (Febr./Mars 2007):
Basis 3 - a floorstanding with Audaphon and Vifa (no longer available).
Nexus a shelf speakers with Seas Excel chassis
Dipol subwoofer and dipol fullrange from Audio Circle in Plaidt
Twentyfive ideal radiation all around – everywhere in the room, independent of height or angle: a radiation source in form of a line – ideally infinite

    Klang+Ton 1/2007 (Dez./Jan. 2007):
Versacube Peerless floorstanding with integrated subwoofer.
Visaton Fiesta 25 - a floorstanding with mids horn
Direkt 1 - a point rediator from Akustik Art
CT 228 a subwoofer for CT 225

    Klang+Ton 5/2006 (August/September 2006):
Hightower a D'Appolito floorstanding with mids and magnetostat
Asparago a tall floorstanding (discontinued)
Visaton TL Sub 30 a subwoofer
Triple Play floorstanding with tweeter waveguide from Monacor
CT 226 a small woofer within a wooden case
Test in K+T laboratries: 6 different drivers.

    Klang+Ton 4/2006 (June/July 2006):
Newtronics Temperance a very good floorstanding from Harald Hecken
Vettern F.A.S.T - a 2 way ported floorstanding from akustik art, Wilhelmplatz 5, 24106 Kiel.
Minium, a small 2 way ported shelf Speaker with Jordan and Visaton Chassis
Mivoc bandpass (Bapas) a subwoofer with two 30 cm Mivoc chassis.
CT 225 "kleiner Schreihals" (what meens small squaller) with PA chassis
Master 5.1 a 5.1 set with front, center, rear box and subwoofer (incl. ampl. module)
Test: Capaciti-Elektrostat with dipol from Audio Elevation and amplifier of the HiFi Akademie

    Klang+Ton 3/2006 (April/Mai 2006):
Newtronics Gate 5.1 with Newtronics Sub 5.1
CT 224 a subwoofer satellit system with Monacor chassis
Studio 12 XL a Scan Speak solution with Scan Speak chassis
Messprogramm Arta
Electronic: Digital subwoofer crossover with and without power amplifier

    Klang+Ton 2/2006 (Febr/March 2006):
Descartes II a big Alcone floorstanding of high quality
Eckeharrt, a subwoofer for the corner with Mivoc AWX 184
Inside Out shelf speaker with build in bandpass
CT 223 small transmissionline with Omnes Audio chassis
Coax18 a 3 variants with Seas coax speaker
Visaton Quadro with 4 fullrange Visaton B200

    Klang+Ton 1/2006 (Dez./Jan. 2006):
CT 222 Sat-Sub System with Omnes-Audio amplifier

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