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The magazine Hobby HiFi, published by the Timmermanns family since 1999, features many interesting loudspeakers, design suggestions, reviews and further useful information.

You get the German DIY plans with our DIY kit. If you want them without kit you get them within a journal from Timmermanns Verlag GmbH, Hobby HiFi Nachbestell-Service, Postfach 2061, 47518 Kleve or directly from www.hobbyhifi.de.



Hobby HiFi 4/2019 (June/July 2019)

Highend project: TBTL-W6 Mk2 is a transmission-line loudspeaker with drivers of Omnes Audio and Tang Band.
Clevere Concepte: VisaWall is a two way wall-mounted speaker with Visaton drivers.
Electronic: DSP subwoofer module Audaphon.
reference subwoofer Wavesub 182/2 DSP is a versatile subwoofer which complements the rest of the loudspeakers with a powerful and deep bass.
Drivers test, woofer, coaxial driver: Celestion NTR10-2520E, Omnes Audio CX10, SB Acoustics SW26DBAC76-4, Visaton PAW25, Wavecor WF259PA01 (last one shows above 150 Hz not more than 0.1% distortion @90dB, 1m) and Wavecor SW280WA01  

Hobby HiFi 3/2019 (April/May 2019)

Clevere Concepte: HiFi-PA 2x8/2 is a bass-reflex cabinet loudspeaker with drivers of Celestion and Monacor.
Technology: Wavesub 182/2 is a versatile subwoofer which complements the rest of the loudspeakers with a powerful and deep bass.
Highend project: Audimax Bookshelf RD Audimax Bookshelf RD is a bass-reflex cabinet loudspeaker with drivers of SB Acoustics and Hobby HiFi (Made by SEAS).
Drivers test,woofer, 25 cm: SB Acoustics Satori WO24P-4, SB Acoustics Satori SB29SWNRX-S75-6, Scan Speak 28W/4878T01, Seas L26ROY, Wavecor SW259WA01, Wavecor SW275BD01  

Hobby HiFi 2/2019 (Feb./March 2019)

Technology: Eckhorn 18 MK II AOS-Plus is a horn loudspeaker with drivers of Fostex, BMS and Mivoc.
Highend project: Big Block 2.0 is a loudspeaker with drivers of Audaphon and Wavecor. A passive radiator provides deep bass.
Clevere Concepte: Subito-TL Subito-TL is a transmission-line loudspeaker with drivers of Visaton.
Woofer test, 20 cm: Fostex FW208HS, Mivoc XAW208HC, Monacor SP-8/150PRO, Monacor SPH-200TC, SB Acoustics SB23CACS45-4, SB Acoustics SB23MFCL45-4, Scan Speak 21 WE/4542 T00, Visaton AL200, Wavecor SW223 BD02.
News: Wavecor delivers a flat 11 inch woofer SW280 WA01  

Hobby HiFi 1/2019 (Dec./Jan. 2019)

Highend project: Audimax Floorstand BE is a two way floorstanding speaker with SB Acoustics tweeter and Seas woofer.
Technology Power-Duo is a dipole cabinet loudspeaker with drivers of Tang band and Omnes Audio.
Clevere Concepte: WaveOnWall 84 is a wall-mounted loudspeaker with full range drivers.
Information on products: Iris Strassacker Lautsprechershop liefert ein Update von Scan Speak ScaMo 15 auf ScaMo 15 AMT
drivers test tweeter: Audaphon APR 1.0, Expolinear RT-8 Pro and RT-9 Pro, Monacor DT-352NF, SB Acoustics TW29B (-B9) and TW29BN (-B), SB Acoustics Satori TW29D (-B) and TW29RN (-B), SB Acoustics SB26CDC-C000-4 and SB26ADC-C000-4, Scan Speak D3404-552000, Scan Speak D3004/662000, Tang Band 25-2234SD/SE, Tang Band 25-2234S.


Hobby HiFi 6/2018 (Oct./Nov. 2018)

Highend project: BeTi 4x4 is a bass-reflex cabinet loudspeaker with beryllium cone tweeter and 4 woofers with titanium cone.
Technology WaveBySide 223 is a bass-reflex cabinet with perfectly linear frequency response free of any disturbing resonance.
Clevere Concepte: Mona 17 is a closed-cabinet loudspeaker with drivers of Monacor. Mona has an excellent price/performance ratio.
drivers test 17 cm woofer: Mivoc XAW180HC Black, Monacor SPH-174KE, SB Acoustics SB17CAC35-8, SB Acoustics SB17NBAC35-8, SB Acoustics SB17NRX2C35-8, Tang Band W6-1914SB, Tang Band W6-2253S, Wavecor SW182BD04 and Wavecor SW182BD03.
News: subwoofer driver Wavecor SW275 BD01/02


Hobby HiFi 5/2018 (summer special transmission line cabinets, price 12,80 EUR in Germany)

Highend project: Audimax TL 28.3 is a transmission-line loudspeaker with drivers of SB Acoustics, SEAS and Visaton.
Technology Dschinn-TL (HH 4/2014) is a transmissionline kit comprising three Tang Band drivers.
Clevere Concepte: FR10-TL (HH 1/2017) is a cheap and slim transmissionline loudspeaker with Visaton tweeter and Visaton full range loudspeaker.
Technology Pico Lino 3 (HH 5/2015) is a small transmission line bookshelf loudspeaker that employs a Scan Speak fullrange loudspeaker 10F-8414G10. This speaker comes close to a point source, produces a well balanced sound with low distortion.
Clevere Concepte: Desktop-TL (HH 1/2015) is a transmission line loudspeaker with a tiny enclosure, equipped with a ScanSpeak wide-band driver.
Highend project: WaveLine 152 MK II of high quality with Audaphon air motion transformer and Wavecor subwoofer r.
drivers test for transmission line cabinets: Scan Speak 5F/8422T01, Scan Speak 10F/8414G10, Tang Band W5-1138SMF, Visaton FR10, Visaton TIW250XS, and Wavecor WF152CU13


Hobby HiFi 4/2018 (June/July 2018)

Highend project: Audimax Core is a floorstanding loudspeaker with Audaphon air motion transformer and subwoofer 18MW12T produced by SEAS, showing a perfect flat frequency response.
Technology: Disub 302 is available:
- as mono subwoofer (with one channel)
- as stereo subwoofer (with two input channels)
- as mono subwoofer with amplifier Reckhorn A-409
Clevere Concepte: Wavecenter 84 is a flat center speaker with level stability.
drivers test medium: Celestion CF-0617M, Celestion TF-0818, Edition 100 18MW12T, SEAS Excel W18EX001, SB Acoustics Satori MR16PNW-4, SB Acoustics Satori MW16P-8, SB Acoustics SB12MNRX25-4, SB Acoustics SB12NRX25-4 Tang Band W4-1879, TangBand W4-2142, Visaton M10, Visaton FR10 8Ohm, Volt VM527, Visaton G50FFL, VOLT VM753AOS, Scan Speak D7608/920010


Hobby HiFi 3/2018 (April/May 2018)

Technology: Merlin is a floorstanding bass-reflex loudspeaker with full range driver of Tang Band.
Highend project: Scamo 15AMT is a two way compact loudspeaker with Audaphon air-motion-transformer and Scan Speak mids-woofer.
Clevere Concepte: Capella Micro is a bass-reflex cabinet loudspeaker with drivers of Mivoc .
drivers test full range: EAD E60 HD MK II, Fostex FE88-SOL, FOSTEX FE108E SIGMA, Omnes Audio BB3.AL rund und ALT, Omnes Audio BB4 Black, Tang Band W4-1320SIF, Tang Band W2-748SG, Tang Band W2-800, Tang Band W5-1880, Tang Band W6-1916, Visaton B100, Visaton B80


Hobby HiFi 2/2018 (Febr./March 2018)

Highend project: Audimax Micro BE is a highend bookshelf speaker with beryllium tweeter and Seas/Hobby HiFi woofer.
Clevere Concepte: Subito is a small loudspeaker with fullrange driver from Visaton.
Technology: Cumulus Tower is a floorstanding loudspeaker with coaxial driver and woofer.
drivers test 15 inch loudspeaker for 2-way-systems: Beyma 15LW30, Beyma 15WR400, Celestion FTR15-3070C, Celestion TF1525E, Eighteen Sound 15MB1000, Monacor SP-38/300 NEO, Omnes Audio OBW15PA, Visaton PAW38.
    Celestion FTR15-3070 was positively noticed because of its extremely low nonlinear distortion.


Hobby HiFi 1/2018 (Dec./Jan. 2018)

Highend project: Audimax Bookshelf BE is a high-end bookshelf speaker with beryllium tweeter and Seas woofer.
Technology: Scan by Side is a 3 way floorstanding speaker with large, side-mounted woofer.
Clevere Concepte: Wavemon 118/13 is a high-quality compact loudspeaker with a wide frequency range up to more than 40 000 Hz.
Driver test: Monacor SPH-130, Monacor SPH-135TC, Morel ECW536, Omnes Audio MW6G LS Copper, Philips/Pollin 651383626899, SB Acoustics Satori MW13PNW-8, SB Acoustics SB13PFC25-04, SB Acoustics SB13NAC30-4, SB Acoustics SB15MFC30-4, Seas Excel W16NX001 E0049-04, Visaton WF130ND


Hobby HiFi 6/2017 (Okt./Nov. 2017)

Technology: Statement is a HiFi-compatible PA loudspeaker.
Highend project: Mini-Monitor Advanced is a high quality 2 way compact speaker with SB Acoustics tweeter and Visaton woofer.
Clevere Concepte: M90 KFT is a small bookshelf loudspeaker with Mivoc drivers
      to which the DeskTopsub fits.
Drivers test, tweeter: ESS AMT-1 (new), Mivoc KFT130M (with pain front), Monacor RBT-56, Monacor AIRMT-85, Monacor AIRMT-130, Omnes Audio AMT50, Omnes Audio AMT60, SB Acoustics SB21RDC-C000-4, SB Acoustics SB29SDAC-C000-4, SB Acoustics SATORI TW29BN, Scan Speak D2608/913000, Scan Speak D3004/604010, Tang Band 25-2234S, Tang Band RT-2202S.


Hobby HiFi 5/2017 (Summer Special June/July 2017)

the journal provides t DIY kits for horn loudspeakers:
Highend project: Cobra-Horn II is a floorstanding speaker with hyperboliy back-loaded horn and Tang Band full range driver
Highend project: Wavehorn is a highend horn loudspeaker with Wavecor fullrange driver.
Highend project: Mikro-Horn 2018 is a small horn loudspeaker with Wavecor tweeter and Wavecor mids-bass-driver.
Technology: Eckhorn 18 Mk2 is a horn subwoofer which is placed in a corner of the room. In this way the room is used as horn. Eckhorn 18 Mk2 has a very high SPL of 110 dB (2,83V, 1m).
Clevere Concepte BK83-Sol; a horn kit, that is available with three different Fostex drivers:
- with Fostex Fe83-Sol
- with Fostex FE83En
- with Fostex FF85WK
Technology: Chess Satellit is a closed satellit loudspeaker with Visaton drivers.
Technology: Chess Base is the subwoofer for Chess Satellit.


Hobby HiFi 4/2017 (June/July 2017):

Highend project: Facette AM high-end floorstanding loudspeaker with air motion transformer (AMT) and woofer
Clevere Concepte: T-Desk 315, small loudspeaker with Tang Band fullrange driver.
Technology: DoubleVent 160 is a double vented subwoofer with Mivoc woofer and Mivoc amplifier.
Driver test, Visaton PAW-woofers: professional mids and bass drivers from 25 to 46 cm
Driver test, 17 cm woofers: Fostex FW168HS, Mivoc SWM68, Monacor SPH-165CP, Monacor SPH-165KEP, Monacor SPH-170, Omnes Audio Exclusive 6, Omnes Audio Exclusive 6M,Omnes Audio LoCo6.1, Omnes Audio SW 6.01, SB Acoustics SB16PFC25-04, SB Acoustics SB17CRC35-4, SB Acoustics SB17MFC35-4, SB Acoustics SB17NAC35-4, Scan Speak 18M/4631T00, Wavecor WF182BD10, Wavecor WF182CU12
Elektronics: amplifier Mivoc AM80 (for Subwoofer DoubleVent 160)


Hobby HiFi 3/2017 (April/May 2017):

Technology: Cantale is a high-end floorstanding speaker with ASE coaxial driver based on Scan Speak drivers.
Clevere Concepte: Vi-Line 2 is a line array with four Visaton fullrange drivers and a bass woofer.
Highend project: Mini-Onken FX120 provides a fullrange driver Fostex FX120 in an Onken cabinet.
Highend project: Mini-Onken F120A provides a fullrange driver Fostex F120A in an Onken cabinet.
News: 20 years Strassacker Lautsprechershop with special offers like Puri MK2 - see special offers.
driver test, 9 and 10 cm woofer and full-range loudspeakers: Celestion AN-3510, Fostex FW108HS, Monacor MSH-115HQ4, Monacor SPP-110/8, Visaton FR10, 4 Ohm, Visaton FR10 8 Ohm, Visaton KT100V, Visaton W100S 4 Ohm, Wavecor SW0840M01, Wavecor SW0840M02 and Wavecor WF120BD03.


Hobby HiFi 2/2017 (Febr./March 2017):

Technology: SB-Horn a backloaded horn with SB Acoustics tweeter and SB Acoustics full range loudspeaker
Highend project: WaveLine 152 (no longer available, replaced by Waveline 152 mk2
Clevere Concepte: MiDesk a very small loudspeaker with fullrange driver from Mivoc
8 inch drivers test: Monacor SPH-200KE, SPH-225C, Omnes Audio Exclusive 8, W8 Alu, W8-670Z, SB Acoustics SB20PFC30-4, SB23NACS45-8, SB23NRXS45-8, Tang Band W8-2145, Wavecor WF223BD01 (auf Seite 67 fälschlich als 02 bezwichnet), Wavecor WF223BD02
New ranges of components have been developed to keep ClarityCap at the forefront of audio capacitor technology: Clarity Capacitor CSA and CMR


Hobby HiFi 1/2017 (Dec./Jan. 2017):

Clevere Concepte: FR10-TL Cheap and slim transmissionline loudspeaker with Visaton loudspeakers.
Highend project: Micro-Block MK2 is a bookshelf loudspeaker with outstanding sound quality (frequency range: 35 to 35000 Hz (-8dB))
Technology: Cumulus BS 2017 is a compact loudspeaker with coaxial driver, integrated subwoofer and digital signal processor.
Progress made in producing capacitors: Clarity Cap CMR and Clarity Cap CSA.


Hobby HiFi 6/2016 (Oct./Nov. 2016):

Highend project: Illuminata 18 BE/RE available with beryllium tweeter or Illuminator- or Discovery ring radiator.
Clevere Concepte: BK-12m with Fostex FE126En and BK-12m-Sol with FE108-Sol (no longer available)
Chassis test: Monacor DT-300 with WG-300, Scan Speak H2606/920000, Seas 27TBCD/GB-DXT(H1499), Visaton G25FFL with WG148, Wavecor TW030WA12, Waveguide Audio SSP158/37.


Hobby HiFi 5/2016 (Aug./Sept. 2016):

Sommer special with subwoofers und satellits (Price in germany 12.80 EUR, in Au, NL, Lux, Belgie, Italy 14.80 EUR)
Technology: Zyklop-Sub 2 a subwoofer in transmissionline with cut off frequency of 18 Hz.
Technology: The Base DVC a subwoofer with a bass driver with two voice coils.
Technology: Disub 124/2 a dipol subwoofer with impulse compensation.
Clevere Concepte: Sub 3000 BPHP with Mivoc woofer
Highend project: Visamon 170RD-HP a highend satellit with Visaton drivers
Clevere Concepte: Mini-Monitor Basic HP ein günstiger, universell einsetzbarer Satellitenlautsprecher.
Highend project: Wavesat 118/13 a small satellit
Clevere Concepte: DigiBox 87HP with Visaton fullrange driver in a small cabinet
5 amplifiers in test: Audaphon AMP-24, McCrypt PAC15A, Mini-DSP&Ice-Power PWR-ICE125, Monacor AKB-400 DSP, Reckhorn A-409
loudspeaker drivers test, woofer: Mivoc AW 3000, Mivoc AWM 124, Mivoc AWX 184 MkII, Monacor SPH-200CTC, Omnes Audio W8-670Z, SB Acoustics SW26DAC76-8, Scan Speak 22W/8857T00, Seas Design L26ROY, Tang Band W4-1720, Wavecor SW263WA01.


Hobby HiFi 4/2016 (June/July 2016):

High-End-Project: Wavemon 223 is a small highend floorstanding spreaker with outstanding sound quality.
Clevere Concepte: Bodega is an universal floorstanding loudspeaker with Monacor chassis.
Technology: Resub is a small subwoofer which reproduces very deep bass.


Hobby HiFi 3/2016 (April/May 2016):

High-End-Project: Aluminata 130/4 KE is a 2 1/2 way bass reflex system in d'Appolito arrangement with Visaton loudspeakers.
Technology: BK108 mit FE108E Sigma is a small back loaded horn with Fostex fullrange loudspeaker BK 108 EZ (Sigma).
Clevere Concepte: Mikro Desktop is a monitor of high quality with a fullrange loudspeaker.
Chassis test, 4 inch loudspeakers: Monacor SPH-115 und SPP-110/4, SB Acoustics SB12NRX25-4 und SB12PAC25-4 und SB12PFC25-4, TangBand W4-655 mit Phase Plug und W4-1720 und W4-2142, Wavecor WF120CU07 und WF120CU08


Hobby HiFi 2/2016 (Febr./March 2016):

Technology: Alhambra is a floorstander with pulse compensated woofer and three Mivoc fullrange loudspeaker in a line.
High-End-Project: Wavemon 120/30 is a small monitor with excellent sound quality.
Clevere Concepte: Desktop Sub is a small subwoofer with two Omnes Audio woofer inside.
Chassis test, dome tweeter: Monacor DT-107, Monacor DT-254, Omnes Audio T25H, SB Acoustics Satori TW29RN, SB26ADC-C000-4, Scan Speak D2904/710003, Scan Speak R2604/833000, Tang Band W1-2025SA, Visaton KE25SC, Wavecor TW013WA01, Wavecor TW030WA11, Wavecor TW030WA13.


Hobby HiFi 1/2016 (Dec./Jan. 2016):

High-End-Project: Visamon 170 is a compact high quality monitor with Visaton chassis.
Clevere Concepte: Desk-Top BB4 is a shelf speaker with Omnes Ausio fullrange chassis.
Readers project: White Ebony - a floorstanding loudspeaker with Scan Speak chassis
Readers project: Keine Utopie; unfortunately with speaker chassis which are no longer available.
Chassis test, 13 cm woofer: Expolinear ATD Hypergraph 140K, TMT130K, Monacor SPH-136C, SPH-135KEP, Omnes Audio LPG13HC, Visaton AL130, Wavecor SW146WA01, SW146WA02, WF146WA05, WF146WA06, WF152CU13, WF152CU14.


Hobby HiFi 6/2015 (Oct./Nov. 2015):

High-End-Project: Wavemon 152-2.5 is a floorstanding loudspeaker of high quality with 2 1/2-way crossover.
High-End-Project: AOS Stage (no longer available)
Clevere Concepte: Sharky is a dipole speaker to get more indirect sound.
Readers project Kronos
Chassis test, 17 cm woofer: Accuton C158-6-851, Audax HM170FCR8, HM170FCR16, Celestion TF-0615, Gradient/Nova MDS 06, Mivoc SWM68, Monacor Raptor-6, Morel TiCW634Nd, TSCW636, Reckhorn D-165, Seas P18RNX/P H1350, Visaton AL170, Wavecor SW168WA01, WF168WA05, WF168WA06, WF182CU12, WF182CU13


Hobby HiFi 5/2015 (Aug./Sept. 2015):

Technology: Pico Lino 3 is a small transmission line loudspeaker with Scan Speak full range driver.
High-End-Project: Vision B80 FAST is a floorstander with Visaton full range driver B80 and Visaton woofer.
Technology: Mikro-Horn 2015 is a small back loaded horn with Fostex full range driver FE 126 En.
Technology: TL 90 is a small transmission line with Wavecor full range driver.
Technology: Cobra-Horn RBT is a back loaded horn with Monacor driver and Monacor magnetostat.
Clevere Concepte: Bamboo 3 is a wall-mounted loudspeaker with Tang Band full range loudspeaker.
High-End-Project: Daedalus-TL with Visaton full range in a Transmissionline cabinet


Hobby HiFi 4/2015 (June/July 2015):

Technology: Vision BS is a compact speaker Studio Monitor 2 of Art of Sound is a huge floorstanding loudspeaker with horn and 15 inch bass.
High-End-Project: MoMo 175RBT is a floorstander with ribbon tweeter of Monacor.
Readers project: Concerto developed by Thomas Reimann is a high end floorstander
Woofer chassis test: Fostex FW305, img StageLine SPA-112PA, Monacor SPH-300CTC, SPH-300KE, Morel TiCW1258Ft, Peerless XXLS AL12/4, Visaton W300 8Ohm, Wavecor SW310WA02
Tweeter with beryllium, chassis test: Scan Speak D2908/714000, D3004/664000 and Seas Excel T29B001 E0058


Hobby HiFi 6/2014 (Okt./Nov. 2014):

High-End-Project: Raquel and Marco was a wedding present. Because of the exceptional quality of the loudspeakers it was tested in Journal Klang+Ton.
Technology: Studio Monitor 2 of Art of Sound (no longer available) is a huge floorstanding loudspeaker with horn and 15 inch bass.
Clevere Concepte: Visaton Zyklop contains a Visaton full range loudspeaker B80. The bass is provided by Visaton woofer TIW 200 XS.
Chassis test: Seas Excel C18EN001/M is a coaxial loudspeaker with magnesium cones
Chassis tests with ribbon tweeters and air motion transformers: Audaphon APR 3.2, Beyma TPL-150H, Beyma TPL-200S, Dayton AMT3-4, Dayton AMTPRO-$, Fountek Neo X3.0, Harwood AM22, Monacor RBT-20, Monacor RBT-35SR, Mundorf AMT25CS2.1-R, Mundorf AMT25D6.1R, Mundorf AMT29CM1.1-R, Omnes Audio RT2.0


Hobby HiFi 5/2014 (Aug./Sept. 2014):

High-End-Project: TBTL-W6 (no longer available)
Technology: Hifi-Mini-PA 6/2 is a small loudspeaker with professional PA drivers.
Clevere Concepte: DigiBox 87FE is a small loudspeaker with Visaton driver.
Chassis test with full range loudspeakers: Ciare HX135, Dayton ND65-4 and -8, E.J.Jordan Eikona 2, EAD E100D, Fostex FE103-SOL 8 and 16 Ohm, Morel TSCM634, Scan Speak 5F/8422T01, Tang Band W5-2106, Visaton FRS 5X, Visaton SL87ND and SL 87 FE. We were impressed by two loudspeakers because of their excellent price/quality ratio: Scan Speak 5F/8422T01 and Visaton FRS 5X.


Hobby HiFi 3/2014 (April/May 2014):

High-End-Project: Small Block is a high end 2-way-speaker with Air Motion Transformer and passive radiator (no longer available).
Technology: floorstander Dschinn-TL provides deep bass with a quite small cabinet.
Technology: BK103 a backloaded horn with Fostex full range loudspeaker.
Clevere Concepte: M-SUB 80.10 is a small active bassreflex subwoofer with Mivoc woofer and Mivoc amplifier module.


Hobby HiFi 3/2014 (April/May 2014):

High-End-Project: Heartcore KHT with dome tweeter plays in the top international league.
High-End-Project: Heartcore AMT with air motion transformer is even better.
Technology: HiFi-PA 10/2 is a shelf speaker with PA chassis.
Clevere Concepte: MiniSat Basic is a compact 4 Ohm speaker with Visaton chassis.
Clevere Concepte: MiniSat Basic 8Ohm is a compact 8 Ohm speaker with Visaton chassis.
Chassis test: EAD E130, img Stage Line SP-6/100 PRO, Monacor SPH-175HQ, SB Acoustics Satori/MW16P, Scan Speak 18W/(%45-01, Scan Speak 18WU/8747T00, Tang Band W6-1139SIF, Tang Band W6-1936S, Wavecor WF182BD09, Wavecor WF182BD10


Hobby HiFi 2/2014 (Febr./March 2014):

High-End-Project: ScaMo 15 Monitor with Scan Speak chassis.
Technology: Harwood-Reference is a 3-way loudspeaker paving the way for entering the High-End arena.
Clevere Concepte: Dschinn Sub-Sat, : 2 x Dschin Satellit + Subwoofer
Chassis test: img Stage Line SP-10/250Pro and SPA-110PA, Peerless XXLS AL 10/4, SB Acoustics SW26DAC76-8, Scan Speak 26W/8534 G00, Visaton W250 8 Ohm and W250 S8, Wavecor SW263TU01 and SW270WA01.


Hobby HiFi 6/2010 (Oct./Nov. 2010):

High End Project: V-Maxx combines the best Visaton drivers resulting in a four-way bass reflex system.
Technology: Mikro-Horn 2011 as an example Bernd Timmermanns wants to show how small a horn could be.
Clevere Concepte: Femto is a miniature bass reflex loudspeaker equipped with a Vifa 8 NE 125/4 full range driver.
Clevere Concepte: Femto 5 is a miniature bass reflex loudspeaker equipped with a Vifa 8 NE 125/4 full range driver.


Hobby HiFi 5/2010 (Aug./Sept. 2010):

High End Project: Triga Neo Pro, 3 way reference speaker with Focal Chassis and Audaphon ribbon.
Clevere Concepte: SBTL a Fuzzy Transmissionline
Technology: PaRaSub XXL Subwoofer with passive radiator
Technology: Hidden Sub 2x8 a subwoofer that may be hidden quite easily.


Hobby HiFi 4/2010 (June/July 2010):

High End Project: El Nino - small Shelf speaker with beautiful voices.
Technology: The Voice Sub - front loaded bass horn with 10 inch woofer of P.Audio
Technology: Daedalus-TL with Visaton full range in a Transmissionline cabinet
CC104: Cube and Shere - full range driver in spherical or in cubical cabinet


Hobby HiFi 2/2009 (Febr./März 2009):

Technology: Cumulus Horn 2 with Thiel SCS4
High End Project: Visaton Classic 200 GF - Visaton 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker
CC92: Mivoc MiniSat and MiniCenter with XAW 110 HC and fabric tweeter XGH 258 ALU
Pico Lino 2 (no longer available)


Hobby HiFi 1/2009 (Dez./Jan. 2009):

CC91 TransMISSIONline The Fuzzy Transmissionline is a new concept by Bernd Timmermanns.
MMR (Mini Monitor Ribbon) a miniature shelf speaker with ribbon tweeter


Hobby HiFi 6/2008 (Oct./Nov. 2008):

Technology Wildcard a ported horn shelf speaker with highpass and Mivoc drivers.
CC91 Wavesat 118 a miniature shelf speaker with Wavecor drivers TW030 WA01 and WF118 WA02.


Hobby HiFi 5/2008 (Aug./Sept. 2008):

Wavesub 178 is a subwoofer with Wavecor chassis capable of producing extremely low bass from small cabinet.
High End Project Bookshelf BS1 a Seas Excel 3 way shelf speaker.
CC85.1 Visaton Clou A fully grown up floorstander going for a song.
CC85.2 Start Air Kit an universal and reasonably priced loudspeaker.


Hobby HiFi 4/2008 (June/July 2008):

CC84: Blue Sat 2 a small shelf box with Visaton chassis.
Technology ASE Cevio ein Hochton-Line-Array mit Vifa-/Peerless-Bestückung
High End Project Jericho 08 with Seas full range Exotic F8
High End Project Platino TL mit Seas Chassis


Hobby HiFi 3/2008 (April/May 2008):

CC83: Mission 2313 a small floorstanding with Mission speakers (no longer available).
Visaton Aria MHT is a Visaton design with Visaton magnetostats MHT 12 and the top notch Visaton TI 100, titanium midrange driver.
The voice 3 is a party PA speaker with low priced P.Audio drivers.


Hobby HiFi 2/2008 (Febr./March 2008):

Technology Jericho 08
CC82: Clever Concepts (CC) 82 - Mivoc Transmission Line MTL 138
GHP Monitor Compact shelf loudspeaker with excellent sound quality.
  It comprises a Seas Excel tweeter T29 AF001 with aluminium / magnesium diaphragm and an Excel W18 E001 bass driver.


Hobby HiFi 1/2008 (Dec./Jan. 2008):

Subwoofer Sub 10 BRHP ported subwoofer with high pass
Hobby HiFi Compact with Excel Micro Monitor (no longer available) and Tower E-Motion E-Motion II Thor Evo 04 The Voice, The Voice 2, Disub 12/2 Sub Zero


Hobby HiFi 6/2007 (Okt./Nov. 2007):

BK 201 KH (no longer available)
two Harwood Monitor 18 - shelf and floorstanding
CC76: Capella Center - Center with Mivoc drivers (discontinued)
Hora - floorstanding with tweeter on top of the cabinet
Electronic: Omnes Audio Amplifier Module with DSP DBC 12


Hobby HiFi 5/2007 (Aug./Spet 2007):

Pico Lino 2 (no longer available)
Concorde - a new Concorde MK III
Sub Zero - subwoofer with 46 cm woofer (discontinued)
Ground Sound 1503 - active module with dsp crossover (discontinued)


Hobby HiFi 4/2007 (June/July 2007):

Faktum - big floostanding with Mundorf and Scan Speak
The voice 2 - floorstanding (discontinued)
Disub 12/2 - Double Dipol


Hobby HiFi 3/2007 (April/May 2007):

Audimax - a floorstanding ... what's technically viable
MPR2 HXT - a shelf speaker designed by Gerd Lommersum (discontinued)
CC73: Capella Plus - two way speaker with integrated subwoofer(discontinued)
Test: 25 cm woofer


Hobby HiFi 2/2007 (Febr./March 2007):

Ladylike II - with Topas Signature Evo 07 and subwoofer
M-Horn - an exponential horn with Mivoc tweeter and woofer
Test: coax speaker from 10 to 38 cm


Hobby HiFi 1/2007 (Dec./Jan. 2007):

Hypergraph TL - transmissionline with Hypergraph woofer (discontinued)
CC71: Harwood Monitor - a small monitor with magnetostat.
SMS (Super Mini Sub) or how to construct a sub out of a port.
Test: 46 cm woofer


Hobby HiFi 6/2006 (October/November 2006):

Topas Plus - a small floorstanding with bass support.
BPHPsub - a subwoofer with Mivoc AW 3000
Test: 12 ribbons, air motion transformer and magnetostats
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