Passive Radiators

Passive radiators should be used like bass reflex tubes. The resonance of the passive radiator instead of the bass reflex tube is being used.

Seas Passive Radiators

Seas passive radiators are very versatile. For tuning purpose weights may be screwed to the back of the drivers. The passive membrane area should ideally be the same size as the one of the active driver or up to 50% bigger under heavy loads. This is because the moved air by the passive radiator is - depending on the frequency - up to 50% higher than the one by the active driver.
Seas SP 22 R
Type: SP25 R SP21 R SP17 R
261 mm 215 mm 170 mm
269 mm 220.6 mm 176 mm
256 mm 209.5 mm 166 mm
driver free air resonance : 22 Hz 22 Hz 26 Hz
maximum peak linear excursion: 25 mm 20 mm 19 mm
effective mechanical mass incl. air load: 42 g 28 g 21.5 g
effective piston radiating area: 350 cm2 230 cm2 130 cm2
mechanical compliance: 1.25 mm/N 1.87 mm/N 1.74 mm/N
order no. seas-H9946 seas-H9945 seas-H9944
price: EUR 99,70 EUR 59,00 EUR 59,00

technical data of Peerless passive radiators
Type: XLS-10
Slave 265g
Slave 400g
Slave 290g
Slave 425g
269 mm 269 mm 308 mm 308 mm
240 mm 240 mm 278 mm 278 mm
effective piston radiating area 333 cm2 333 cm2 466 cm2 466 cm2
effective mechanical mass incl. air load 265g 400g 290g 425g
equivalent volume of compliance 80L 80L 170L 170L
mechanical compliance 0,51 mm/N 0,51 mm/N 0,55 mm/N 0,55 mm/N
maximum peak linear excursion 22 mm 22 mm 24 mm 24 mm


P173       order no. T-p173       EUR 69,90
  • mounting diameter d = 145,6 mm
  • overall diameter d = 173 mm


P220       order no. T-p220       EUR 89,00
  • mounting diameter d = 190,5 mm
  • overall diameter d = 220 mm


We stock passive radiators by Wavecor, Seas and Visaton! We would be pleased to recommend a specific model for your application!