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Newtronics has been designing and building finished loudspeakers of the higher price segment for quite some time. ScanSpeak, Vifa or Audax drivers are being used, either in active or passive lay out, e.g. tho old Temperance, now available as new improved Temperance III.

Harald Hecken, CEO of Newtronics, set himself the goal to offer high-end loudspeakers at reasonable prices to the DIY community.

To achieve this goal All Newtronics components like amplifiers, cabinets and loudspeaker / drivers are for quality reasons designed in Germany and for cost reasons manufactured in the far east. This results in high-end loudspeakers that have an unbeatable price / performance ratio: Temperance III.

Harald Hecken concentrates just on the technical aspects. He is extremely meticulous and leaves nothing to chance. - Sales and marketing is done by somebody else.

The cabinet needs to be constructed in such a way that there are no weak spots leading to possible resonance. He is fascinated by merging transmission line with the low bass of a bass reflex and the clean bass of a closed cabinet speaker.

Even for seemingly simple problems - like connections - Harald Hecken tries to find uncomplicated and thus efficient solutions. The shorter the interconnecting wires, the better the connection quality. Therefore, the components' lay out is optimised in such a way that the interconnecting wires / cables are as short as possible leading to optimum contact.

Inferior drivers often require complicated crossovers. Therefore, he prefers higher quality drivers that allow him to use simple crossovers with as little correction as necessary. His speaker designs, like e.g. Temperance (Klang+Ton 2/2000), Empress (Klang+Ton 1/2004), new Temperance (Klang+Ton 2/2004) and Gate (Klang+Ton 6/2002) are proof of his design philosophy.

Harald Hecken's speakers received rave reviews:

Magazine Product Classification Verdict Price/Performance
HiFi Test 6/2000 Empress 1,0 Top-class outstanding
HiFi Test 2/2001 Skate passiv 1+ Top-class outstanding
HiFi Test 6/2001 Empress aktiv 1+ Top-class outstanding
image hifi 2/2001 Temperance aktiv "the wall of sound" would be able to support a hundred story skyscraper.... The masterpiece

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