Louspeaker kits listed in our newsletter

To keep you up to date we publish a newsletter on a regular basis. Below you'll find the building instructions for the kits listed in our newsletter. Should you require further instructions, want something tested by us or the kit you want doesn't exist: here you can make your suggestions.

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Project Picture Description Size HxWxD in mm Price per unit
Gila Gila Loudspeaker with Wavecor SW178WA01. Markaudio Alpair 7 G3 1000 x 200 x 300 EUR 409,00
one unit
Aras Aras Loudspeaker with Mission CP-164. Audaphon TWS 25/6 350 x 220 x 318 EUR 107,00
one unit
Queen Lia Queen Lia Loudspeaker with Wavecor WF120BD04. Audaphon TWS 30/4 920 x 150 x 289 EUR 329,00
one unit
Cauchy 2 Cauchy 2 aus Newsletter AAugust 2006 Cauchy - a floorstanding with powerful bass from 2 Alcone AC 10 HE with 25 cm. 990 x 310 x 440 - not available (_)
Cauchy Cauchy aus Newsletter April 2006 Cauchy - a classic 3 way shelf speaker with 25 cm bass driver. 610 x 310 x 390 - not available (_)
Descartes II Descartes II aus Newsletter Dezember 2005 Descartes II - a very efficient floorstanding speaker, simply called jack-of-all-trades by K+T. 1345 x 258 x 630 - not available
PA-Box D3672-15B450 PA-Box mit hoher Leistung - aus Newsletter Oktober 2005 Very efficient PA speaker containing a 1.4 inch tweeter and 15 inch bass drivers; with well balanced sound. 70x46x37 EUR 449,00
Simon Simon, Regalbox aus Newsletter Juni 2005 Shelf speaker with reasonably priced drivers, but nevertheless excellent three-dimensionality: That's Simon, designed for the demanding novice. 412 x 162 x 260 EUR 178,00
Laplace XT Lagrange 98 aus Newsletter Dezember 2004 By popular the Laplace is also available with a XT 300. 1000 x 230 x 280 EUR 199,00
Lagrange 98 Lagrange 98 aus Newsletter Oktober 2004 High-end version of Alcone with Scan Speak tweeter. 314 x 190 x 250 EUR 408,00
Midi Midiaus Newsletter August 2004 A small, reasonable priced floorstanding speaker with Alcone bass driver and Audaphon tweeter, providing an excellent sound. 900 x 230 x 260 EUR 188,00
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