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The magazine Hobby HiFi, published by the Timmermanns family since 1999, features many interesting loudspeakers, design suggestions, reviews and further useful information. You get the plans (without kit) from www.hobbyhifi.de.
Project Picture Description Size HxWxD in mm Price per unit
SB-Horn SB-Horn Backloaded Horn with SB Acoustics tweeter and SB Acoustics full range loudspeaker 820 x 180 x 390 EUR 142,00
one unit
WaveLine 152 WaveLine 152 Transmissionline loudspeaker of high quality with Audaphon air motion transformer and Wavecor subwoofer 960 x 190 x 280 EUR 515,00
one unit
MiDesk MiDesk Very small loudspeaker with fullrange driver from Mivoc 250 x 140 x 180 EUR 79,00
one unit
Micro Block MK2 Micro Block MK2 From 35 to 35000 Hz (-8dB) reproducing compact loudspeaker with outstanding sound quality. 350 x 150 x 325 EUR 225,00
one unit
FR10-TL FR10-TL Cheap and slim transmissionline loudspeaker with Visaton tweeter and Visaton full range loudspeaker 880 x 148 x 280 EUR 67,00
one unit
Cumulus BS 2017 Cumulus BS 2017 Coaxial compact speaker with digital signal processor (DSP). 400 x 240 x 320 EUR 678,00
one pair
Illuminata 18 Beryllium Illuminata 18 Beryllium Small highend floorstanding speaker with Scan-Speak woofer and beryllium tweeter. 750 x 200 x 280 EUR 939,00
one unit
Illuminata 18 R3004-662000 Illuminata 18 R3004-662000 Small highend floorstanding speaker with Scan-Speak woofer and Illuminator ring radiator tweeter. 750 x 200 x 280 EUR 715,00
one unit
Illuminata 18 R2604-833000 Illuminata 18 R2604-833000 Small highend floorstanding speaker with Scan-Speak woofer and discovery ring radiator tweeter. 750 x 200 x 280 EUR 521,00
one unit
BK-12M BK-12M Horn speaker with Fostex FE126En. 810 x 190 x 380 EUR 123,00
one unit
Zyklop-Sub 2 Zyklop-Sub 2 18 Hz transmissionline subwoofer with digital signal processor and subwoofer amplifier. 1100 x 320 x 420 - not available
one unit
The Base DVC The Base DVC Small subwoofer with double voice coil. passive stereo crossover. or active mono amlifier. 214 x 436 x 328 EUR 185,00
one unit
Visamon 170RD-HP Visamon 170RD-HP Compact speaker with different high-pass filters from 70 Hz to 100 Hz. 350 x 200 x 300 EUR 247,00
one unit
Mini-Monitor Basic HP Mini-Monitor Basic HP Compact speaker with different high-pass filters from 80 Hz to 115 Hz. 400 x 200 x 280 EUR 97,00
one unit
DigiBox 87HP DigiBox 87HP Very small speaker with different high-pass filters from 130 Hz to 180 Hz. 242 x 150 x 190 EUR 57,00
one unit
Disub 124/2 Disub 124/2 Dipole subwoofer with external analog amplifier. or digital DSP plate amp. 380 x 546 x 380 EUR 508,00
one unit
Sub 3000 BPHP Sub 3000 BPHP BPHP-Sub is a bandpass subwoofer with capacitor in series to the woofer. 600 x 310 x 500 EUR 148,00
one unit
WaveMon 223 WaveMon 223 Small highend floorstanding speaker with outstanding sound quality. 800 x 340 x 250 EUR 420,00
one unit
Bodega Bodega Slim universal floorstanding speaker with Monacor drivers. 838 x 142 x 300 EUR 200,00
one unit
Resub Resub Compact subwoofer which produces a very deep bass. 380 x 200 x 380 EUR 150,00
one unit
Aluminata 130/4 KE Aluminata 130/4 KE Aluminata 130/4 KE is a 2 1/2 way bass reflex system in d'Appolito arrangement with tweeter Visaton KE25 SC and four mid-woofers Visaton AL 130. 1235 x 240 x 400 - not available
one unit
BK108 mit FE108E Sigma BK108 mit FE108E Sigma A small back loaded horn with Fostex fullrange loudspeaker BK 108 EZ (Sigma). 915 x 230 x 450 EUR 209,00
one unit
Mikro Desktop Mikro Desktop Monitor of high quality with fullrange loudspeaker of Wavecor. 180 x 100 x 150 EUR 69,00
one unit
Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra is a floorstander with pulse compensated woofer and three Mivoc fullrange loudspeaker in a line. 1120 x 190 x 325 EUR 276,00
one unit
Wavemon 120/30 Wavemon 120/30 Wavemon 120/30 is a small monitor with Wavecor drivers. providing an excellent sound quality. 350 x 150 x 280 EUR 265,00
one unit
Desktopsub Desktopsub Desktop sub is a very small subwoofer with Omnes Audio drivers. 260 x 260 x 260 EUR 147,00
one unit
Desk-Top BB4 Desk-Top BB4 Fullrange monitor with Omnes-Audio fullrange driver and passiv crossover or digital signal processor. 250 x 150 x 200 EUR 98,00
one unit
Visamon 170 Visamon 170 Visamon 170 is a high quality bookshelf speaker with Visaton chassis. 350 x 200 x 280 - not available
one unit
White Ebony White Ebony Floorstanding loudspeaker designed by Dr. Werner Hartmann with Scan-Speak chassis. 1200 x 257 x 462 EUR 1249,00
one unit
AOS Stage AOS Stage High-End speaker with good sensivity and midrange amt 990 x 304 x 360 - not available
one unit
WaveMon 152-2.5 WaveMon 152-2.5 High end loudspeaker with 2 1/2 way-crossover and wavecor chassis 1050 x 174 x 280 EUR 448,00
one unit
Sharky Sharky Loudspeaker with Monacor SPX-31M 196 x 100 x 250 EUR 32,00
one unit
TL90 TL90 TL90 ia a floorstander with Wavecor full range driver. This speaker comes close to a point source. produces a well balanced sound with low distortion. 790 x 122 x 292 EUR 79,00
one unit
Cobra-Horn RBT Cobra-Horn RBT huge back loaded horn with Monacor full range loudspeaker and Monacor magnetostat. 1078 x 338 x 500 EUR 141,00
one unit
Vision B80 FAST Vision B80 FAST Vision B80 FAST is a floorstanding with Visaton full range driver B80 and Visaton woofer. 1050 x 270 x 420 EUR 321,00
one unit
Pico Lino 3 Pico Lino 3 Pico Lino 3 is a small transmission line bookshelf loudspeaker that employs a Scan Speak full range loudspeaker 10F-8414G10. This speaker comes close to a point source. produces a well balanced sound with low distortion. 350 x 160 x 350 EUR 107,00
one unit
Bamboo 3 Bamboo 3 Wall-mounted loudspeaker with Tang Band full range driver. 300 x 300 x 120 EUR 61,00
one unit
Daedalus-TL Daedalus-TL Daedalus TL is a huge transmission line floorstander with full range driver Visaton B200. 1450 x 258 x 360 EUR 230,00
one unit
Mikro-Horn 2015 Mikro-Horn 2015 A small back loaded horn with Fostex full range loudspeaker FE 126 EN. 440 x 188 x 370 EUR 126,00
one unit
Concerto Concerto Readers project: Floorstander with high quality loudspeaker chassis. 1180 x 320 x 350 EUR 881,00
one unit
MoMo 175RBT MoMo 175RBT Floorstanding speaker with Monacor ribbon tweeter. 1053 x 225 x 345 EUR 228,00
one unit
Vision-BS Vision-BS 3 way monitor with Visaton chassis 250 x 375 x 375 EUR 373,00
one unit
Wavesat 118/13 Wavesat 118/13 Excellent small speaker with 13 mm dome tweeter 250 x 150 x 220 EUR 159,00
one unit
Little Roy Little Roy Compact subwoofer with impuls compensation 450 x 250 x 370 EUR 399,00
one unit
Raquel Raquel Compact loudspeaker with Wavecor drivers. 550 x 220 x 300 EUR 378,00
one unit
Marco Subwoofer Marco Subwoofer Cabinetwith two Wavecor SW182BD02. two passive radiators Wavecor PR182BD01 and amplifier module Mivoc AM80 800 x 220 x 300 EUR 588,00
one unit
Raquel+Marco Raquel+Marco Floorstanding speaker with Wavecor dome tweeter, two Wavecor mids, Wavecor woofers and passive radiators for bass 1373 x 220 x 300 EUR 988,00
one unit
Visaton Zyklop Visaton Zyklop full range loudspeaker with subwoofer (full range and Subwoofer Technology). 396 x 450 x 400 EUR 321,00
one unit
HiFi Mini PA 6/2 HiFi Mini PA 6/2 Compact level resistant loudspeaker with professional Monacor img stage line chassis. 320 x 200 x 280 EUR 177,00
one unit
DigiBox 87FE DigiBox 87FE DigiBox 87FE is a shelf speaker. It contains a full range speaker Visaton SL87FE. 242 x 150 x 190 EUR 52,00
one unit
Small Block Small Block 2 way shelf speaker with Wavecor chassis and passive radiator. Excellent for high-end hifi. 540 x 210 x 330 EUR 719,00
one unit
TBTL-W6 TBTL-W6 TBTL-W6 is a 3-way floorstander. equipped with Omnes Audio ribbon tweeter and Tang band mids louspeaker and Tang Band bass. 1000 x 210 x 420 EUR 291,00
one unit
Dschinn TL Dschinn TL Dschinn TL is a transmissionline kit comprising three Tang Band chassis 1075 x 180 x 360 EUR 240,00
one unit
BK 103 BK 103 a small back loaded horn with Fostex full range loudspeaker. 845 x 182 x 405 EUR 109,00
one unit
M-Sub 80.10 M-Sub 80.10 Small active bass reflex subwoofer with woofer Mivoc AWM 104. As amplifier Mivoc AM80 Mk II is included. 410 x 348 x 410 EUR 147,00
one unit
Heartcore AMT Heartcore AMT 3 way floorstanding speaker with Wavecor chassis and Audaphon AMT. Excellent for high-end hifi and high-end cinema! 1076 x 310 x 400 - not available
one unit
Heartcore KHT Heartcore KHT 3 way floorstanding speaker with Wavecor chassis. Excellent for high-end hifi and high-end cinema! 1076 x 310 x 400 - not available
one unit
HiFi-PA 10/2 HiFi-PA 10/2 HiFi-PA 10/2 is a 2-band compact speaker with Monacor loudspeakers 500 x 318 x 380 EUR 298,00
one unit
MiniSat Basic MiniSat Basic Compact speaker with Visaton tweeter and woofer and 4 Ohm impedance 282 x 174 x 200 EUR 84,00
one unit
MiniSat Basic 8 Ohm MiniSat Basic 8 Ohm Compact speaker with Visaton tweeter and woofer and 8 Ohm impedance 282 x 174 x 200 EUR 88,00
one unit
ScaMo15 ScaMo15 ScaMo 15 is a monitor with Scan Speak chassis. 360 x 180 x 270 EUR 150,00
one unit
Harwood-Reference Harwood-Reference Harwood-Reference is a 3-way loudspeaker. paving the way for entering the High-End arena. 1138 x 220 x 500 EUR 978,00
one unit
Dschinn Sub-Sat Dschinn Sub-Sat Dschinn Sub-Sat: 2 x Dschin Satellit + Subwoofer 270/400 x 160/200 x 206/400 EUR 418,00
one unit
V-Maxx V-Maxx V-Maxx is a design by Bernd Timmermanns. V-Maxx is a 4 way floorstanding. It combines the best Visaton drivers with a gigantic floorstanding cabinet resulting in a four-way bass reflex system. 1400 x 360 x 460 - not available
Mikro-Horn 2011 Mikro-Horn 2011 Using the Micro Horn 2011 as an example Bernd Timmermanns wants to show how small a horn could be. As driver he chose the Fostex FE 103 full range. 440 x 188 x 370 EUR 134,00
Femto Femto The Femto is a miniature bass reflex loudspeaker designed by Bernd Timmermanns. The speaker is equipped with a Vifa 8 NE 125/4 full range driver. 210 x 108 x 162 EUR 68,00
Femto 5 Femto 5 The Femto 5 is a miniature bass reflex loudspeaker designed by Bernd Timmermanns. The speaker is equipped with a Vifa 8 NE 125/4 full range driver. 235 x 117 x 180 EUR 78,00
Daedalus-TL Daedalus-TL Loudspeaker with Visaton B200 1450 x 258 x 360 EUR 230,00
Classic 200 GF Classic 200 GF aus Hobby HiFi 2/09 Visaton Classic 200 GF is a 3-way loudspeaker, paving the way for entering the High-End arena. It's a bass reflex speaker with the port at the front. For bass a GF 200 is being used. Due to its stiff glass fibre cone and the long-throw rubber surround a high power handling even at long cone excursions is ensured 1000x260x260 a pair:
EUR 939,00
Pico Lino 2 Picolino 2 aus Hobby HiFi 2/09 A small transmission line speaker with Vifa full range driver, for those who prefer correct timing. This project was initiated around the 9 BGS 119/8 full range driver by the Danish manufacturer Vifa; it's a unit that delivers excellent tops and even bass. Later 9 BGS 119/8 was replaced by the unshielded 9 BG 119/8. 335x182x240 EUR 52,00
TransMISSIONline Transmissionline aus Hobby HiFi 1/09 The goal of many transmissionline designs is to have the typical bass but avoiding the inherent high frequency shortcomings of this type of loudspeaker. The main problem is a phase shift in the tops causing exaggerations and cancellations depending on frequency. The Fuzzy Transmissionline is a new concept by Bernd Timmermanns. 965x184x350 EUR 129,00
Wildcard Wildcard aus Hobby HiFi 6/08 Wildcard ist eine Regalbox mit Mivoc-Chassis, die es in zwei Varianten gibt.
Mit Mivoc Magnetostat KFT 130 M oder
stattdessen mit Mivoc Textilkalotte HGH 258 FN-II.
500x158x275 EUR 142,00 EUR 101,00
Wavesub 178 Wavesub aus Hobby HiFi 5/08 Wavesub 178 is a subwoofer capable of producing extremely low bass from small cabinet. To achieve this, the Wavecor SW 178 WA 01 was combined with a matching passive membrane. 400x200x300 EUR 258,00
Visaton Clou Visaton Clou A fully grown up floorstander going for a song? That was Visaton's objective for Clou. The speaker is equipped with: Visaton SC 10 N fabric dome tweeter and two Visaton WS 17 E bass drivers. 1000x220x330 EUR 112,00
BlueSat 2 BlueSat 2 Hobby HiFi 4/08 The Blue Sub kit is probably known to many as Clever Concept No. 24 (CC 24) or BlueSubSat as published in Hobby HiFi 4/2002. The kit is now available with a crossover revised by Bernd Timmermans. 152x104x125 EUR 128,00
per pair
Jericho 08 Exotic Jericho 08 exotic aus Hobby HiFi 4/08 Jericho 08 Exotic is a big exponential horn with Seas Exotic chassis; its efficiency is 94 dB (2,83V/1m). 1150x438x500 EUR 854,00
Platino TL Platino TL aus Hobby HiFi 4/08 The Platino TL is transmission line speaker with Seas drivers; Bernd Timmermanns chose the Seas TFF/W dome tweeter and the Seas L26RN-SL bass driver. 980x172x300 EUR 202,00
Aria MHT Aria MHT aus Hobby HiFi 3/08 The Aria MHT is a Visaton design with Visaton magnetostats MHT 12 and the top notch Visaton TI 100, titanium midrange driver. 270x160x160 EUR 406,00
GHP-Monitor GHP-Monitor aus Hobby HiFi 2/08 Compact shelf loudspeaker with excellent sound quality. The GHP Monitor comprises a Seas Excel tweeter T29 AF001 with aluminium / magnesium diaphragm and an Excel W18 E001 bass driver with magnesium diaphragm. 335x200x280 on request
Sub 10 BRHP Sub 10 BRHP aus Hobby HiFi 1/08 Mivoc subwoofer with high pass. 399x290x350 EUR 162,00
BK 201 KH BK 201 KH aus Hobby HiFi 6/07 Based on the idea by Günter Damde an imposing twin horn was developed: Jabo Spherical Wave Horn with bass horn classic by Fostex see description - not available
Hora Hora aus Hobby HiFi 6/07 Hora, floorstanding with tweeter on top of the cabinet 919x160x200 EUR 150,00
Pico Lino 2 Picolino 2 aus Hobby HiFi 5/07 Pico Lino 2 a small transmission line with Vifa fullrange. 335x182x240 EUR 52,00
Concorde MK III Concorde III aus Hobby HiFi 5/07 Concorde III is a new Visaton Concorde with improved features. 1300x270x400 EUR 1689,00
Faktum Faktum aus Hobby HiFi 4/07 Faktum - a new reference with Scan Speak chassis 1050x260x420 EUR 1198,00
Disub 12/2 Disub 12/2 aus Hobby HiFi 4/07 Disub 12-2 is a double dipole subwoofer. ab 452x380x369 see details
Audimax Audimax aus Hobby HiFi 3/07 Audimax; State of the art or what's technically viable can be found in a loudspeaker that comprises, according to Hobby HiFi, the three best drivers available today with a saving potential between 10.000 and 20.000 EUR compared to a finished speaker. 1640x300x520 EUR 1662,00
Audimax Satellit Audimax Sat aus Hobby HiFi 3/07 Audimax with separate subwoofer or as satellite (on its own). 600x300x520 EUR 938,00
Topas Ladylike Topas Ladylike aus Hobby HiFi 2/07 Topas Signature Evo 07 with Visaton chassis and
Ladylike subwoofer no. 2
EUR 615,00
- not available
Super Mini Sub Super Mini Sub aus Hobby HiFi 1/07 Super Mini Sub, a subwoofer in a very small cabinel with Mivoc Bass. 240x278x278 EUR 68,00
Topas Plus Topas Plus aus Hobby HiFi 6/06 Topas Plus, a tall 3 way floorstanding with magnetostat and powerfull bass. 1000x180x400 EUR 1069,00
BPHP-Sub BPHP-Sub aus Hobby HiFi 6/06 BPHP-Sub is a bandpass subwoofer with capacitor in series to the woofer. 600x310x500 EUR 56,00
Sub AWM 12 Sub AWM 12 aus Hobby HiFi 5/06 Sub AWM 12 - a subwoofer with Mivoc AWM 124. 471x360x500 EUR 169,00
Dacapo Tower Dacopo Tower aus Hobby HiFi 5/06 Dacapo Tower - a floorstanding with full range Ciare CH250. 1150x290x30 EUR 186,00
Dacapo Sat/Center Dacapo Sat/Center aus Hobby HiFi 5/06 Dacapo Sat/Center - the sat and center version with full range Ciare CH250. 500x290x380 EUR 188,00
VOX 253 MTI Ladylike VOX 253 MTI Ladylike aus Hobby HiFi 4/06 VOX 253 MTI - but without the woofer, which has been put in a separate cabinet. So the satellite is very slim "ladylike" and the subwoofer is separate and contains two TIW 250 XS. 1100x170x230
EUR 2094,00
Disub 18/2 DiSub 18/2 aus Hobby HiFi 3/06 Dipol Subwoofer with high efficiency with two 18 inch Mivoc subwoofer. 600x508x726 EUR 593,00 or more
2 F.A.S.T 4 U Fast aus Hobby HiFi 2/06 Two speaker kits with Visaton full range and Visaton woofer. 900x400x410
EUR 79,20
Twin Base 3000 Twin Base 3000 aus Hobby HiFi 2/06 A new subwoofer with 2 woofer Mivoc TW 3000. 750x375x375 without amplifier EUR 133,00
Tangband Horn Tangband Horn aus Hobby HiFi 1/06 Tangband horn, an unexpensive solution from Bernd Timmermanns. 1030x182x400 EUR 72,00
Mezzoforte Update Mezzoforte aus Hobby HiFi 5/05 Mezzoforte Update, a big 3 way floorstanding speaker 1250x220x500 EUR 317,00
Adr Family TL Adr Family TL aus Hobby HiFi 5/05 Adr Family TL, a 2 way transmission line from Speaker Heaven 975x210x275 EUR 127,00
Mezzoforte Mezzoforte aus Hobby HiFi 3/05 Mezzoforte, a big 3 way floorstanding speaker 1250x220x500 EUR 309,00
CC53: Open Source OS-A Open Source OS-A aus Hobby HiFi 3/05 CC53: Open Source OS-A, a dipol with Ciare chassis 1220x390x390 - not available
CC52: TML W3 Alu TML W3 Alu aus Hobby HiFi 2/05 CC52: TML W3 Alu, small transmission line with Tangband W3-315 SC 210x100x300 EUR 38,00
BK 208 Exponentialhorn BK 208 aus Hobby HiFi 1/05 a big exponential horn with top notch Fostex driver 1118x376x520 EUR 1375,00
Lancetta Lancetta aus Hobby HiFi 6/04

the slimmest transmission line, floorstanding speaker, we know of. The Lancetta, equipped with a Tangband W3-871 S, represents a point source

1425 x 100 x 182
(without base)
EUR 51,10
Ravemaster Sub18 Raveland Sub 18 a subwoofer with Ravemaster driver 1000 x 650 x 500 EUR 215,00
CC43: Compound 3000 GHP Compound 3000 GHP subwoofer in compound design 342 x 342 x 535 EUR 222,00
Pascal XT Pascal Pascal, a slim floorstanding speaker with excellent imaging and three-dimensionality 1100 x 230 x 280 EUR 307,00
Zebulon CP 3000 CC36 passive subwoofer CC36 by Hobby HiFi for Zebulon Tower and Mikro-Tower 655 x 400 x 520 EUR 200,00
EUR 232,00
Morion (CC34) Morion 2 way shelf or
transmission line speaker
340 x 238 x 280 or 1250 x 238 x 415 EUR 154,00 - not available (_)
Eckhorn 18 Eckhorn 18 corner horn with 18 inch driver 1038 x 1104 x 846 EUR 212,00
Topas Signature Topas 2 way closed cabinet with Visaton drivers 1138 x 230 x 330 EUR 662,00
Hypo-Horn 8 hyperbolic bass horn with coax driver 1050 x 280 x 455 EUR 333,00
Blue SubSat tiny loudspeaker with subwoofer 152 x 104 x 125 EUR 115,00
Topas Center to go with Visaton Topas in a surround system 180 x 400 x 280 EUR 574,00
Topas a Visaton transmission line with ribbon tweeter and Titan bass driver 900 x 162 x 225 EUR 449,00
Hypo-Horn a horn with high efficiency and Bass 1100 x 400 x 600 EUR 409,00
Atlantis the Visaton speaker of the year? 1150 x 230 x 370 - not available
CC500 Number One Power Satellite
(and Mivoc subwoofer)
300 x 190 x 250 EUR 226,00
Couplet floorstanding speaker Visaton Couplet as floorstanding speaker 1100 x 200 x 300 EUR 614,00
Studio 12 Monitor with the best 15 inch mid/bass driver - and the best dome tweeter??? 31.5x18x37 per pair EUR 900,00
CC100, Mini-TL a slim transmission line 1150 x 175 x 325 EUR 210,00

The construction designs are included with our loudspeaker kits. Should you want to receive the construction design or an entire issue before hand please contact: Timmermanns Verlag GmbH, Hobby HiFi Nachbestell-Service, Postfach 2061, 47518 Kleve, Germany. Payment against cheque or debit order, EUR 4.50 plus EUR 3.00 shipping charges - please enquire for shipping outside Germany.