FOCAL 6W4359

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recommended cabinet 1:
closed cabinet with 4,5 L volume
from 106/67 Hz (-3dB/-8dB)
recommended cabinet 2:
17 L volume bass reflex cabinet
with HP70 reflex tube, 16 cm long.
from 53/42 Hz (-3dB/-8dB).

FOCAL 6W4359       order no. fa-X6W4359       - not available
15 cm bass driver with high quality cone. The basket is made of die-cast. To avoid compression effects the driver possesses a pole piece hole.
  • resonance frequency fs = 52,71 Hz
  • impedance R = 4 Ohm
  • sound pressure level SPL = 89,52 dB (2,83V; 1m)
  • DC resistance Re = 4,16 Ohm
  • force factor BL = 7,01 N/A
  • effective piston radiating area Sd = 136,85 cm2
  • effective mechanical mass incl. air load mms = 14,61 g
  • equivalent volume of compliance Vas = 16,41 l
  • total Q factor Qts = 0,39 (Qms=6,79, Qes=0,41)
  • mounting diameter d = 143,5 mm
  • overall diameter d = 165 mm
  • mounting depth (not countersunk) t = 75 mm
  • mass m = 1,64 kg
The cabinet volume calculations are executed considering an external resistance of 0.3 Ohm. We are using, if no other data is known or available, the information supplied by the manufacturer.

Please note: the frequency response doesn't say much about the cut-off frequency inside the cabinet! Therefore, we mostly give you 2 examples with dimensioning considerations and an indication, how low the loudspeaker will reproduce.

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