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Adam Hall by Procab KCRIG48 Stereo Signal Cable 2 x 8 mm²

Enlarge The RIG series cables are very high quality signal cables for indoor fixed or mobile applications. They have a PVC jacket and are very easy to handle. The tin plated inner conductors are fitted with a durable tin plated copper shielding and an extra Aluminium -mylar foil. This gives an excellent protection against interference of all kinds such as electromagnetic fields produced by dimmers, electric motors or power cables.

The RIG series cables are "all-round signal cables which are suited for all kinds of applications where the best reliable signal transmission is needed.

Technical Data KCRIG48

  • Art No.: KCRIG48
  • Type of cable: Stereo signal cable
  • Inner conductor: TC 14 x 0.12 mm
  • Inner conductor section: 0.16 mm²
  • Conductor twisting: No
  • Number of conductors: 2 x 1 + shield
  • Isolation: Foamed PE , Ø 2 mm
  • Isolation color: red / white
  • Shielding 1: Aluminium foil
  • Shielding: TC 16 x 2 x 0.12 mm , braiding
  • Shielding %: 60%
  • Outer jacket: Flexible PVC
  • Outer jacket color: Matte black
  • Outer jacket dimensions: Ø 4 x 8 mm
  • Printing color: white
  • Printing text: Procab RIG48
  • Capacitance lead to Shielding: 98 pF - meter 1 kHz
  • Type of packing: reel for 100 meter

Mechanical Data

  • Temperature range, Fxed installation: -40° C to +80° C
  • Temperature range, Flexible installation: -25° C to +70° C
  • Bending radius, Fixed installation: 6 x outer diameter
  • Bending radius, Flexible installation: 8 x outer diameter

Price per m   (Order No ah-KCRIG48) EUR 1,22